Scrum Part 2 – how my first month with Scrum worked out

At the beginning of February I wrote about Scrum and that I now took that principle to achieve more things in my private life. I set a goal and some tasks and tried to complete all of them.

Now I want to tell you about my experiences this month and if it helped me to achieve more.

The first big task was to write each week a blog post until Sunday. I did that because my Scrum plan reminded me of that and I had to do it. Without that I’m not sure if I would have achieved that because I was always sitting in front of my laptop and thinking: “I don’t know what I should write about”. But with that goal in mind to write a blog post until Sunday I really thought about topics the whole week and I got some ideas. After completing a task you also see the result that the task is gone from the plan. Then I feel better because I achieved something and that I have less tasks left for this month.

The other tasks haven’t been so easy for me. At first life is interrupting the plan because I couldn’t move in to my new room because the people living before in that apartment haven’t still moved out. So I had to wait until I can do this task.

And second my goal was to settle in in Vienna but I went home to my family each weekend because I missed them and there have been parties or birthdays. So I always worked and then went home on the weekend and so haven’t had much time left in Vienna and it was always getting dark at 5pm so I couldn’t do sightseeing or going for a walk because it was already dark when I came home from work.

But these tasks I will then move to the Scrum for March which I already set. Lately I was reading a book (I don’t remember the name) and the author said that you should imagine yourself 10 years from now and live and feel how you want to live then. You should really live in the future self and feel it like it happens right now. Then your brain is programmed to see as it is happening right now and you can behave like it’s happening already. After that I wrote the whole experience in my diary (which I started because I’m always forgetting a lot) and then I thought about what I can do now or the next year to make this future real. With that exercise you now know almost exactly what you want to achieve in the future and then you can now make changes or start habits to make it happen. But keep in mind that this future also can happen really only at that specific day in 10 years so if you are lazy you can also make changes in year 9 and not before that. It doesn’t matter when you starting to make the future happening as long as you try to make it happen.

For me this exercise had a real impact on my life because I know almost exactly what I have to do to make this happen. And what I can do the next 10 years and what I can do now for my future. Because the last months have been kind of depressing because I always thought about my future and what I want to do but I never knew what I really want because you have so many opportunities and choices and things you can do. And I had so many choices to make after I finished my bachelor that I got confused and frustrated because I couldn’t decide what I should do now. So I sat at home alone and didn’t know what I should do now.

I still don’t know what I want to do for living, what my work will be but I’m sure I will figure it out the next 10 years. In my exercise I visioned something about helping people in poor countries, building houses or dancing. I’m not sure yet how I can achieve any of it but I will.

After that exercise I now set new goals for March and changed them to fit to my future vision. Now it’s easier to set goals and tasks because I know what I need to do to make this future happen.


You should try this exercise out too because it really gives you clarity and a goal for the next 10 years. And if you want to tell me your future vision or want to talk about it, just leave a comment or write me an email!

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