How little things will make your life happier and more enjoyable – Wie kleine Dinge das Leben glücklicher und besser macht

Votiv church in Vienna

Last week I wrote about complaining and thinking negative. Today I would like to write about how important it is to recognize and to appreciate the small positive things in life. Because if we do, we will see that the life isn’t that negative than we thought it is.   To be able to enjoy […]

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How we make our lives harder and more miserable – Wie wir unser Leben schwerer und miserabler machen

Frankfurt at night

We make our lives harder and more miserable by always complaining about little things. We Austrians (especially Viennese inhabitants) are known for complaining about everything. But the situation doesn’t change because of it, they are just getting it more importance than it should have. By complaining about situations, circumstances or a person, you don’t stop […]

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How You Can Begin Meditating And Make It a Habit – Der Beginn deiner Meditation und wie du es zu einer Gewohnheit machst


Meditation is a big part of my daily life now since almost two years. It started when I heard so many positive things about it. But I was skeptical because it often sounded like hypnosis and I wasn’t sure if I want something like this. But the positive side won and I found myself in […]

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