Palm oil: made with the blood of Indonesian kids

This week I watched the new documentation of Werner Boote “The Green Lie” which is about all the lies the companies are telling us so that we think they are green and care about sustainability.

And one big topic in this movie was palm oil.

I already knew before that palm oil is not good for the environment because you need to destroy rain forests for it.

But this movie changed my view entirely again. It isn’t just bad for the environment and for the rain forest but it’s also life threatening for the people living around those rain forests.

The companies are illegally burning down the rain forests to be able to plant palm oil. Because palm oil can only grow in mono culture and where there was rain forest before. By burning those forests they are destroying kilometers of land and all the animals that lived there.

But that wasn’t the most shocking. The people and especially the kids living near those illegal fire clearings are getting sick because of smoke poisoning, some even die because of it.

So whenever we in the developed countries are buying products which contain palm oil we let children in Indonesia die.

Do you really want to do that?

The children can’t play outside like they should and they need to wear masks in school.

They are sick because the companies want to have cheaper oil and want to sell cheaper and get more profit.

They are sick because we want cheaper products.

Is that worth it to kill an innocent child or person?


We consumers are not even the bad guys here because the companies decided to use this oil. And maybe we can’t even change the use of palm oil.

But what we CAN do is to go shopping with caution and more intelligent. We can choose what we want to buy and eat. We can choose to spread out the word to other people and to inform them about this topic.

The same happened when the movie “Plastic Planet” came out. Now almost everybody knows that plastic is not good for the environment and that’s why here in Europe most of the plastic bags in the shops are not free anymore.

The people use less plastic bags.

And that’s what we can do again.

When you go shopping take a look at the products you’re buying and see if there is palm oil in it.

Take a look at products which don’t have that oil in them and take these instead.

Maybe it will cost a few cents more but you will save people and trees.

I always thought that I’m a conscious consumer but I was wrong. From now on I’m not buying products with palm oil in them anymore.


Next time you go shopping take a closer look at the products you’re buying.

And don’t believe all the green lies the companies are telling you about.


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