My clothes for the next tree months

How To Get Rid Of The Stressful Choice Of Clothes In The Morning

The magic word is: Minimalism.

Have you ever heard about the Project 333?

It’s a fashion challenge invented 2010 by Courtney, a minimalism blogger. Check out this website to read more about it.

I’m already reading her blog for a long time and I’ve never got the guts to start this challenge because I thought I have to wash clothes really often then and that’s not good for the environment.

So last week I got this idea again to start this challenge because I watched the movie “The Minimalists”.

I’m always thinking about everything too much, so why not minimize this thinking about my clothes.


I am officially starting this fashion challenge Project 333 now. Well, I already started it last weekend, but now it’s officially.

I put out all my clothes and sorted out.

At first I finally put away my winter clothes because a few weeks ago it was still -5 °C outside.

I’m not really a fashion fan or anything. Most of times when I’m shopping I don’t find any clothes for me.

I put together all the clothes I wear most of the times and then I almost already had all the stuff I need.

Additionally, I chose two purses, a small and a big one. And because I normally don’t wear many jewelry, I decided on one pair of earrings, a bracelet and my watch.

The decision about my shoes and jackets weren’t that hard either because for spring I only have one pair of sneakers which I love. In summer and winter I have more shoes I’m wearing, so I need to adjust that a little later.


At the end it wasn’t that hard at all. It looks like I didn’t have much clothes already.

The hardest part was to figure out what I’ll be wearing in June because I don’t know how hot the weather will get, so maybe have to adjust it a little in 2 months. Now it’s kind a transition time from winter to summer, so I never know if it will get colder again so that I need a warmer jacket.

On the picture you can see all the clothes I’m wearing the next 3 months. At the end of the challenge I’ll write about my experiences.


My message to you

You should start these kind of challenges too.

Minimize your stuff.

You will have less things to worry about and you will have more time for other more important stuff.

We could all live with less stuff. We don’t need that many. Only the companies and the capitalism live from how much we’re buying because they produce really cheap in poor countries under really bad circumstances.

Consume less.


Don’t let the big companies and rich people win over the poor people which work for them.

Ask yourself every time you want to buy something, if you really need it.

It will help you save money. It will help the world reduce waste. And it will hopefully improve the life circumstances of the people in developing countries.