Change Your Environment To Be More Productive

Right now after the holidays a lot of people are still with their families, me too. And I recognized that I’m not as productive and motivated as normally. The university or your work seems so far away and not urgent.

But also the environment has a big impact on those feelings. At home, there are more distractions because of family members which want to do something with you or just the environment/room that doesn’t motivate you.



When you’re visiting your family, then you’re very dependent on other people because you want to spend time with them. It’s always like that with my family that I’m often waiting until they’re up until they are done or until they switched off the TV.

I can’t control my time right now because I don’t know when my family wants to do something or how long this will take.

Because of that I’m always distracted and waiting for somebody to do something.

Because of that, I’m watching TV more often to shorten the waiting time. Additionally, the living room is the most comfortable room.

Also, this comfortableness prevents me from being productive or motivated. The living room is really comfortable and that’s why I’m always sitting there but there is also the big TV and then the motivation is gone again.

Your environment has a big impact on your productivity and motivation. It should be free of distractions.

Even when you visit your family, you can also organize your time. By intentionally crawling away where nobody can distract you. So you can be productive for a few hours a day and you still can do something with your family afterward.



Specify a period of time when you and your family can spend time together. Then nobody has to wait for the other ones and they know when they have to be done and are ready to do something.

Because of that you and the others use their time more useful and nobody has to wait for the others.

You don’t always have to be with your family, instead just let them go shopping alone or you go shopping alone, or you just stay at home to do more important stuff.

Find a place where you can be productive without distractions and where you can be motivated too. So that you can always withdraw when you have to carry out important stuff.



Your family will understand when you have to be alone for a while.

Changing the environment makes it easier to be productive. When a change is not possible then you will need a lot of discipline to be productive.

But that’s also possible! Challenge your own discipline and be productive! At the end of the vacation, you will be rewarded that you did something. In the end, you will have less stress and more free time.

And you know that you showed discipline, that you can do it, and that you can do it again in your next vacation.



When you’re not motivated than just change your environment or your place of work.

Make this place as comfortable as possible so that you like to be there.

Avoid distractions!

Thanks for reading!

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