You want to know what books I’ve already read or listened to and which helped me a lot?
Here it is and have fun reading:


Books about Finance:



German Books:


In some of my posts I also linked the mentioned books and I explained on why the topics of the books are interesting or what I learned from them. Take a look there for more information!


My special tip: Audio books

Almost all of the books I’ve listened to as an audio book instead of reading them. It’s faster to read books like that, it’s cheaper and you can listen to them on your way to work, while doing sports or while walking. A lot of the mentioned books before you can find at BookBeat.

I’ll recommand Book Beat. It’s a great platform, has a big range of books and you can now here get 60 days listening for free. Get it now!


And if you cannot find the book you want to read on BookBeat, then check out Amazon Audible, where you can test it 30 days and you get one audio book for free.

Audible audio books