Question Yourself And Your Belief

All your beliefs, prejudices, and habits are products of the environment you grew up in or the environment you’re in now.

So ask yourself from time to time why you believe something, why you behave like that, or why you’re doing that right now.

Question the environment you’re living in.

Question the society you’re living in or you lived in.

Why do you have that job?

Why do you think like that?

Why do you like this kind of person and why you don’t like the other kind of person?

Why are you addicted to something?

Why are you wearing those things?

Why do you have those friends?


Question the things you’re doing.

Is your job hurting somebody else?

Are the food and the company you’re buying it from hurting other people or the environment?

Don’t take anything for granted. Especially not freedom.

A lot of people fought really hard that you now have the freedom to choose a job or a political party.


The greatest physicists questioned the world, life, and belief.

Because of that, they invented things that were never here before which are now used day by day like the light bulb.

If somebody thinks that something is impossible, then that’s what somebody thought about the light bulb.

Everything you’re using right now was invented once and somebody thought it was impossible to do.

The people in the 19th century or even at the beginning of the 20th century wouldn’t even imagine a device like I’m writing about right now.

The whole scientific research is based on questioning stuff and its purpose.


We need to rethink everything once in a while so that we don’t get used to it and take it for granted.


Today I listened to a podcast which was about time management. And he questioned the week like the 7 days time period.

Why is a week 7 days?

This number has no meaning at all.

I’ve never questioned this before and it never even occurred to me to think about it.

But a long time ago some guys wanted to separate the time, so they introduced the week with the seven planets or movable objects they’ve seen in the sky.

So it makes no sense that we have a week with 7 days, 5 work days, and a weekend.

Also, our body or energy for work isn’t based on that week. Some people are already exhausted after a few days and some after 10 days.


That was just a small part of what I’m thinking about right now.


So question everything. Don’t take it for granted.

Also, think about why you think like that about something.

Did your parents tell you or showed you how to think about that?

Did you learn it from your experiences?

Don’t let your thoughts and life get controlled by other people.

Make your own decisions. Listen to your gut feeling.


Just because everyone else is doing it, doesn’t mean that you have to do it too.

There is this saying: When everybody is jumping off the bridge, are you jumping too?

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