To Live The Life You Want to Live: Be Proactive

Do you also let yourself get influenced by other people? By their mood? Or by what they’re saying?

I’ve never really thought about it until I read the book “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” by Stephen R. Covey. My mood is currently influenced by the nice weather outside and I’m happier than usual. I’m definitely getting influenced by the people around me. I’m meeting new people right now and I’m still a little shy, so when I don’t know what to talk about I’m feeling less happy and sometimes I even feel alone.

But after I read that part of the book, I want to change that starting today. I’m being proactive now. Today I’m confident because I feel like it. I’m proactive changing my life because I’m self-confident and I want to have a better life.

We all should be more confident about ourselves. We are our biggest critic, but we don’t need to be so harsh and strict with ourselves. You are beautiful just the way you are. From the inside and out. When you’re self-confident you’re the most beautiful person in the world. The others can feel that energy.


I think that whenever you feel reactive or are being reactive as opposed to proactive, that inherently – consciously or subconsciously – creates a lot of stress. – Tim Ferriss


If you don’t like something in your life and you thought it’s someone else’s fault, you can change it anyways. Be proactive and live your life the way you want to.

See further than your nose and do something unexpected. Everything is possible and don’t get restricted by other people.


The way to bring about change is to be proactive and active. – Octavia Spencer



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