10 Years After “An Inconvenient Truth”: Climate Change is Bigger Than Ever

Recently I watched the movie “An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power” which is a sequel to the Oscar winning documentary “An Inconvenient Truth”.

A lot has happened the last 10 years. A lot has changed in the fight against climate change. But the climate change is still happening and increasing faster every year. Natural disasters are happening more often. The climate and the years are getting hotter and hotter each year. There are more droughts than ever before. But floods are increasing too.

It’s a huge step back that the President of the United States doesn’t believe in the climate change, even though 98% of the scientists believe it and you can see that natural disasters are happening all over the world.

The time has passed when we could have stopped the climate change. Now we can just prevent the worst scenario.

We all are responsible for this. The industry is destroying our planet since the beginning. We didn’t know that back then, but now we are smarter and we can and need to stop the industry from destroying our home.


Sustainability is the key to our survival on this planet and will also determine success on all levels. – Shari Arison



We don’t know any more what’s inside our food. Food should be healthy, and our body needs it. But it doesn’t need all those additional synthesized ingredients. Our body needs vitamins, nutrients and water.

Our body needs food to survive and there is enough for everyone on this planet. But there are still people dying of starvation. Food is a basic need and every human has the right to fulfill it.

Because of those additional ingredients the industry is burning down rainforests and their inhabitants to produce them as cheap as possible. They are exploiting native inhabitants and their land for our food and energy needs.



Politicians and people believe that we need coal plants and oil to produce enough energy for us humans. But we don’t. The technological improvements the last decades make it possible to get enough energy from the sun and wind, which doesn’t destroy our earth and we’re getting it for free from our universe and nature.

Then why aren’t we only consuming sustainable energy? Because the oil and coal industry are so big, has a lot of money and is a big influence on the politicians and our countries. They know that they will run out of coal and oil sooner or later, that’s why they are destroying more nature than ever before because they need to find more resources in the remote parts of the world.

Even though they can get the sun and wind energy anywhere in the world, they are searching for coal and oil inside the earth and are destroying the nature around it and poisoning water, land and people.


Natural disasters

Even though the movie “The Inconvenient Sequel” is a documentary, it made me cry. Those pictures showing natural disasters are really happening. They are real. Those scenes are not made up for a movie to get more dramatic. It’s really happening that people are dying in those natural disasters. It’s not their fault and it happens to everyone, not just the ones who caused that.

The climate change is destroying lives and homes. The climate change will catch the poorest people first. Because they already living in parts with critical weather dependences. If there is less rain in the rainy season, they could lose all their plants and food the next year. They didn’t cause the climate change. They don’t use any oil or coal. They don’t get their food transported from all over the world.

The small islands and some big cities will be affected by the sea level rise caused by the climate change. And the land effected by it is mostly inhabited by poor people.

The rich people in the richest countries in the world (me included) are safe but are the ones who are causing it by driving cars, using energy from coal plants, eating food which gets transported from all over the world. The farmers in our countries are getting poorer because they can’t compete with the cheap prizes from the other countries. The farmers which could feed us with local products are decreasing and are dying out.


If you want creativity, take a zero off your budget. If you want sustainability, take off two zeros. – Jaime Lerner


What we can do

Every one of us can make a difference. Watch that movie. Research ways you can live more sustainable with local food and stores.

  • Buy local food from local farmers. Maybe you don’t need to eat bananas from the other side of the world every day. Local fruits are good too.
  • Drive less. The public transportation isn’t good everywhere in the world but take a look if you can use it for some parts of your daily routines. If not, see if you can share your car with someone. Don’t drive alone. Get together with your neighbors or a community to share a lift. Or ride a bike for small distances. It’s good for your health and the environment.
  • Consume less energy and then change to a more sustainable energy source. All our electronic devices don’t have to be on standby the whole night and day. And look at offers to put solar panels on your roof. It will save you money and energy.
  • Use and consume less plastic. Each plastic thing you’re buying will be on this earth for another 500 years. Use things more often than once. Look for bulk commodities. Things without plastic are mostly more durable than plastic.
  • Repair things instead of buying something new. Repair your electronics like a TV or your phone instead of buying a new one immediately. All those things in the electronic devices are valuable resources from our earth.


I think the cost of energy will come down when we make this transition to renewable energy. – Al Gore


Enjoy the nature.

Enjoy the beautiful small things in this world.

The nature. The birds chirping. The mountains. The lakes. The sea. The sunsets.




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