13 Reasons Why and What We Can Learn From Season 2

Attention! A little bit of Spoilers!

So season 2 “13 Reasons Why” is out and it was one hell of a new season.

The series is dark and really depressing sometimes because you just think the whole time how unfair everything is and how the characters are able to come out of this mess again.

I don’t know if it’s really that bad and unfair at U.S. high schools because I’ve never experienced it. For me, the hard times were in middle school and the high school was fine. But I think it deepens in which school and where that school is.

So this season was a lot about learning how to react to and overcome bad experiences like mobbing or rape. And I would like to tell you what we can learn from this season.



It’s always hard to talk about your feelings, I totally get that, especially when you’re embarrassed. But the big thing we can learn from this season is, that it’s important to talk with other people about your problems and fears.

The whole thing of suicide can be prevented by talking to family or friends about the problems.

By keeping your mouth shut, nobody else knows what you’re feeling or why you’re reacting like that.

They don’t understand you when you don’t talk to them.

They can’t help you when you don’t talk to them.

Nobody knows what’s going on in your mind until you tell them.


Don’t believe the rumors

Have you ever played the game where the first person tells a word to the second and then that person has to tell that word to the next until the last person? You know that at the end almost every time a different word is the result?

That’s what happening with rumors too.

Somebody saw something or heard something and tells it to another person. But this person listens to the story differently.

The story told and the story heard are never the same, because every person is different. And our brain just hears what it wants to hear and the same happens with seeing stuff.

Our brain is sorting out the things we hear and see the whole day, because it can’t remember everything and so it just saves the things that the brain thinks are important.

So every time you hear a story, you imagine it in your brain and you think about it. The brain is then making up its own story from the things you heard.

Don’t believe all the rumors going around because most of the times not even half of it is true. A lot of things are made up because maybe the story wasn’t that interesting or one person was bored.

If you want to know the truth, ask the person directly. But be cautious because every person has its own truth.


Friendship is important

At the end you can achieve anything, if you have the right people on your side which support you no matter what.

Relationships are really important in life and especially those which support you in your hard times. When you need them the most, they should be here for you.

The pain will feel less painful and the joy will feel more joyful.

Friendship is also about giving and taking, because if you don’t give, your friend also has nothing to give.


Feeling alone

This season they talked a lot about loneliness. People do crazy things to avoid to be lonely.

You will never be alone in this world.

There is always somebody who can help you, support you or loves you.

Even though you are sitting alone in your room, you are not alone. You have friends and family. And it can be that they don’t have time for you today, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t love you or like you. It just means that they have a life too and you should respect that.

Respect the other people and their life.

Help people and be nice to them, then you will never be alone.


More reasons to live then to die

In this series it’s about the 13 reasons why she killed herself. And at the end they found a list with 11 reasons why not. But the reasons to live will always be more than the ones to die.

There are endless reasons: friends, family, life, food, cocktails, waterfalls, great views, other cultures to learn from, great books, movies, love, friendship, happiness, the sea, the sun, awesome people you haven’t met, parties, dancing, singing, chirping of birds, …

No problem in the world can be a bigger reason to kill yourself. The world outside is so big and you haven’t even seen a quarter of it, maybe not even an eighth.


Those are the things I learned from this series and I just wanted to share them with you.

Even though this series has a kind of depressing feeling to it, there is a big story and meaning behind it.


What did you learn from this series?




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