A Wonderful Time To Forgive

Christmas time is the best time to forgive people and give them a second chance. A lot of things are taken unspoken and you trouble yourself with the thoughts about it. But it’s a lot easier and less strenuous to talk with the person and give it a second chance. There is tension in you the whole time until you haven’t got things straightened out with everybody. You lose a lot of time thinking about that thing. As soon as the problem is solved your head will be freer than before and you can get on to other things.

Of course, it needs conscious effort to take the first step but it will be worth it. Be honest with the other person. Say what you’re thinking and feeling and also listen to the other one.

Risk it once again and you will see that only good things get out of it.

In the worst-case scenario, you just tried it with the person. And then you know that you have tried everything to overcome the tension.

Make a move toward people and be friendly.

Be open to new things and other people. Give them another chance and maybe you just misunderstood something. Afterward, you will feel better and you will not think about it again.

A lot of times you just got misunderstood or you misunderstood the other person, just because you have a different look at that situation, you’re thinking differently or you made other experiences. Just be honest with the other person and say what you think and then you can solve misunderstandings really quickly.


Somehow like that I got together with my now ex-boyfriend. There was a misunderstanding and at first, I rejected him. But because we were seeing each other almost every day I thought about it a lot and I was in a bad mood. Because there was something standing between us and I just don’t like it when I haven’t got things straightened out with everybody.

At that time, it was the pre-Christmas season, I wrote him once again because I wanted to clear up everything between us.

I just took the first step and gave us another chance because I couldn’t stand this tension anymore.

I now know that I should have taken that step earlier because I lived with this tension for about 2 months. And within a few minutes and text messages on Facebook, the unpleasant feeling was over.


People are also always saying that you should have got things straightened out with everything. Because then you can leave the world carefree. Because afterward everything is over.


So take a risk and talk with the people. Free yourself from all the unpleasant feelings you have.


Thanks for reading!

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