Commitment To Myself

I just read this article:

And after that, I now want to commit to something.

A bigger goal!

I’m always thinking too much about myself, others, and my future. But I’m never doing anything that brings me further to a future I want to live.

I’m not committed to anything and never made it publicly because I’m afraid that I will not achieve it and I will lose and I will embarrass myself.

But now this indecision state has to stop because I’m getting tired of it and bored.

I want to do something with my life and I hope that everybody wants to do something with his life.

This Time

But this time I’m committing myself to a bigger goal. A goal I want to achieve and I don’t know how yet.

My goal is to get self-employed with an online business. A business where I can choose when and from where to work. I want a business that helps people and myself to live on our own terms and to be free.

To be free from society.

To be free from all rules you get from society, family, and friends.

We should do what we want to do, and not what others think we should do.

I commit myself to get self-employed and helping people and children around the world to get their freedom and their life back.

I commit myself to living up to my values:

  • Love
  • Freedom
  • Friends and Family
  • Passion and Enthusiasm
  • Making the world a better place

I trust myself that I can achieve that and I have faith in myself. I achieved so much in my life already and I should be proud.

Wow, that really sounds like I want to convince myself to think all of that. But that’s what I’m thinking right now and I now make it publicly.

I will post updates on my commitment to that goal every month to keep me going.

What am I doing today to get nearer to my goal? I will go out into that summer heat and I will go to the architecture museum I want to go to since I moved to Vienna and I will achieve that goal. I will have fun and then I can be sure that I can achieve anything I want.

I’m now feeling much better after I wrote this and after I finally got it out of my mind. I’m always thinking too much about everything and have doubts about everything. But this time I committed myself to that decision and I will never rethink it again.

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