Meet As Many People As Possible

If you go open-minded through the world, you will get to know a lot of people and that’s a huge gain. Every new person you get to know will show you a different view of the world and life. No person is twice on this earth and by getting to know more and more people you will extend your network, your luck, and your openness.

What do I mean by extending luck? If you have a big network, the possibility will be higher to get help or offers if you ask for them. Or people will remember you and think of you if somebody is telling them about a new possibility. For example, if you are looking for a new job then your network and friends can recommend you to other friends of theirs. Then it’s not luck but you extend your chance to know somebody who can help you.

I love meeting new people and learning new views and listening to stories. Every time it extends my view of the world and life.

Of having friends from different countries I don’t believe in the media and the movies as much anymore.

In the media and on American television, you always hear and see: “Mexico is a dangerous country”, because we just get to see the drugs and the dangerous part of the country. But do you know anything about that country? Mexico is as big as Europe and almost as diverse.

I have never been there but I have friends there and they live the same normal life as I do with the same feelings and fears. There are only a few parts in this country that are dangerous, like the country’s borders.

I had the same view and prejudices as everyone else about Mexico until I met my friends and my view of the world changed. And this view of the world and life changes every time I’m meeting new people, get to know them, and become friends with them.


The same happened to me lately when I met a fellow student from Pakistan. I didn’t know much about that country and I just thought that it was kind of the same as India or Afghanistan. But I was totally wrong and my view of the world changed. This fellow student has the same problems and outlook on life as me. We are so much alike and have the same way of looking at different things. I almost can’t believe it because we grew up so differently, in different cultures and countries but then we meet here at the same studies and have the same way of looking at life, work, and our passion for architecture.

In my studies over and over again I experience situations in which acquaintances and talks can really help you. For example, one friend of mine helped me figure out the new printer system at the university. Your knowledge will extend by meeting new people and you don’t have to figure out and learn everything on your own.

But there is always giving and taking. Help others too when they don’t know something or need help.

Talk with as many people as possible, help them, and someday you will also get something back. Listen to their stories and experiences and learn from them. Let them inspire you and try out new things. You will learn for your life.



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