Gratitude Is The Key To Positivity

If you’re reading this, then you are one of the richest people in the world. Because you have internet and a device to read this on.

Be grateful for this: the internet and the device we’re using it on.


Today, we take a lot of things for granted because we are so used to them that we don’t even recognize them as a wonder of life.

Can you imagine a life without a phone?

A few decades back they didn’t even know what a phone is.

And now, we are angry when somebody doesn’t write back immediately or is coming a few minutes late.

A few decades back they made up an appointment face to face and if somebody wasn’t punctual, they just waited.

And now, we can do so much while we’re waiting for somebody: reading the newspaper, learning Spanish or just googling something you’re interested in on your phone.

Everyday you’re using your smartphone and you should be grateful for that.


All this gratitude is having a positive impact on you, too. By being grateful you spread positive energy and this positive energy, thoughts and situations will come your way.

Just like there is a negative spiral, there is also a positive one.

And if you put yourself in a positive spiral by being grateful, you will get positive energy back.

That’s another reason to be grateful for all the wonderful things happening in life.

Life is full of miracles, and the universe or the big power which created the world would be happy to see you appreciating those things.

The birth of a child is a miracle, so every person is a miracle. All the inventions and the complex system of dependence in our universe are a miracle.

Every moment you should appreciate the good in it. Every moment has a cause or something good to appreciate. Think about it.

At the end everything makes sense, why something is happening.


There’s a little task for you which you can do everyday, so you don’t forget to be grateful for this life:

Write down 3 things you’re thankful for today.

I do this every day at the end of my day. It lights up your mood and you will remember every day a little better.

For example, flowers in the garden, the sun shining, swimming, delicious food, strawberries (I love them) or having a good talk with your family …

This task doesn’t even take five minutes of your day.

And a few months later you can look back and be grateful for those nice things happening.


Another thing that is important for gratitude is to be polite and always say thank you and please.

Those few words have such a big impact on you and the other person. It makes you and him feel better.

Every time you get something from somebody or the other one is doing something for you, be polite and say thanks.

The other person will be feeling better and you will too.

Aren’t you also happy when somebody is saying thanks to you when you help him?



2 Things You Can Do Right Now:
  • Write down 3 things you’re grateful for today.
  • Be thankful and say thank you.



Thanks for reading!

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