How I Started With Meditation And How I Made It To A Habit

Again and again, I heard that meditation is good for a human and their inner peace. But I doubted it because I didn’t think that meditating for 10 minutes could make a difference. But I was curious especially because I often was restless and I had a lot on my mind the whole day that I couldn’t perceive reality.


So began to meditate. I began by listening to guided body journeys and just sitting still. In the beginning, it was kind of too much for me because they always say that you should just concentrate on your breath but my mind was always wandering to other stuff. I was frustrated.

Then I got deeper into the topic of mediation and I read that at the beginning you should count your breath to 10 and then from the beginning. And it’s totally normal that the mind is wandering, you should just softly guide the mind back to your breath.

Additionally, I often had problems cutting out the surrounding sounds and then I was immediately distracted.

At first, I began meditating for two minutes every day and I got better at guiding my mind but my thoughts still deviate from my breath.

But you have to keep in mind that it’s not the goal to always think about the breath but that you should be able to guide your thoughts and perceive reality.

To make meditation a habit I chose a trigger in my everyday life after which I’m trying to meditate. For me, the trigger was waking up in the morning. Meditating was the first I think I do everyday morning. Maybe it’s laziness because I want to stay longer in bed but I sit up straight cross-legged and meditate for about 10 minutes.

At first, I almost fell asleep again but that’s ok you just need to focus again on your breath.

It could happen that you don’t have time to meditate one day as long as you start meditating again (doesn’t matter if on the evening or the next day).


Starting A Habit

Starting a new habit can be difficult. For me, it helped to have a trigger after which I’m starting my habit. You just look for a thing you’re doing every day and after that, you are now starting to meditate. For example, I’m now learning Spanish every day after meditating with the app “Duolingo”. It doesn’t matter how long you are doing it, it’s just important that you do it constantly. Because of this habit, I finished the Spanish module in the app in a year.

Are you also meditating? Do you have experience with starting new habits? If so what worked and what didn’t?


Thanks for reading!

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