How Much Can a Person Achieve in a Year

What is time?

Every person on this planet has the same hours and days in a year. How comes that some people are more successful than the others?

It’s the thoughts we’re having on how much we can achieve in that time. We underestimate what we can do in a year.

So much can change in a year. We saw that now with the COVID-19 Pandemic. Suddenly the whole world stopped living, working and travelling.

We never experienced something like that and we saw that we humans can adapt really quickly.

Time suddenly went by slower than before.

Time is relative.

– Albert Einstein

And since I read about that, I used it in my own studies at university. It will always take you as much time you have left. If you have two weeks to submit a task, it will take you just that long. And when one starts the task two days, it will take him two days to finish it. That doesn’t mean it will be as good as the result of someone who started a week earlier, but he could finish it.


As I’m now always planning for 90 days and also looking back 90 days, I’m surprised how much I achieved in that short period of time. In the last 90 days I had 2 successful exams, I moved in with my boyfriend, I successfully applied for my Bachelor’s project and I was on vacation with my family.


Before you are writing down new goals for the next months, years or decade, you should look back and be proud of everything you already accomplished.

Be proud of yourself.

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