How to Attract More People By Not Trying So Hard

How many things are we doing just to impress other people or get noticed by them? We even do it unconsciously.

I just found out that I’m doing a lot of things unconsciously because I want to impress people or get noticed. Maybe as a single woman I want to get noticed by wearing high heels or wearing more makeup than usual. I want to attract people but maybe guys don’t even notice these things. I’m just doing these things to make me feel beautiful.

But the most beautiful thing about yourself is your self-confidence, when you’re happy and having fun. You smile, and you are comfortable and that’s when you’re beautiful.


Enjoy your life.

Smile and be happy. That’s the most beautiful thing in the world. It attracts people. Trying hard to look attractive by wearing and doing uncomfortable thing is not attractive at all. It looks and feels wrong. Be your true self and the right people will be attracted by you. You don’t want to attract people who like your stylish and beautiful appearance. You want the people to like you and your personality from inside.



Don’t brag. The other one will think you’re arrogant or you’re making things up to look good. Don’t focus on yourself and the things the other person should like about you. Focus on the other person by being really interested in the person itself. Don’t agree with everything and don’t say yes to everything because that would be a boring conversation like:

“I love riding horses and I will buy my own one soon.”

“That’s great, I like riding horses too.”

Sounds boring right?

What about:

“I love riding horses and I will buy my own one soon.”

“That’s great. I rode horse once but I’m a little afraid of heights. What do you love about horses? Which kind of horse do you want to buy?”

Be interested in everything the other person is talking about. You don’t even have to say a lot. Just be honestly interested in the other person’s life.


I suspect the secret of personal attraction is locked up in our unique imperfections, flaws and frailties. – Hugh Mackay



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