How We Make Our Lives Harder And More Miserable

We make our lives harder and more miserable by always complaining about little things.

We Austrians (especially Viennese inhabitants) are known for complaining about everything. But the situation doesn’t change because of it, they are just getting it more importance than it should have.

By complaining about situations, circumstances, or a person, you don’t stop or change it or him. It’s just making the situation worse than it is and it influences our thoughts negatively.

By having the habit to complain about everything, we are always thinking about negative or bad moments more than about positive ones. The negative experiences and situations predominate our thoughts and then we will see the world, our environment, and our life more negatively.

By getting rid of this habit you will think less about negative stuff, forget them more easily and then you will also have fewer negative thoughts.

This has to become clear to you. By thinking negatively you will see the world more negatively, even though more positive stuff happens.

Complaining about negative things in the world doesn’t get you anywhere and is just a waste of time. The tram is not going faster, and the people in it will not get less either. The weather will not change by complaining about it. November will always be a cold and rainy month (at least in the region I’m living).

Don’t think about the small things and don’t let them influence you! Forget them, change them or if they aren’t changeable, then look at the positive things.

In November the weather is always bad but the Christmas markets are opening and you have a reason to make a cup of tea and cuddle on the sofa at home.

There will always be a lot of people in the tram at specific times but think about the positive things: the city is alive and doesn’t fall apart, or the tram is warmer and you cannot fall down. 😉

Look at the positive things in your environment!

I enjoy the dappled sunlight, the beautiful old buildings in Vienna, and the Christmas decoration and lights.


I stopped complaining about the small things because it doesn’t get you anywhere. I just enjoy the small things and I’m happy about them.

You just ruin your own good mood when complaining, so forget it or change the situation proactively.

Just talking about it doesn’t change anything.


What experiences do you have with people who are complaining as if it were their hobby?


Thanks for reading!

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