Plastic and How It Makes Us Sick

This week I saw a documentation about plastic again and it reminded me again how harmful it is.

Every person on this planet has plastic in their body. In this documentation they tested the urin of three to five-year-olds and they also had softening agents used in pastics in their bodies.

Even though the documentation “Plastic Planet” from 2009 already woke up a lot of people, but there is still so much plastic in our supermarkets and on our mountain of garbage.

But since then I can see that there are changes happening. There are more small markets with unpackaged goods or without plastics.

Every single person can change their lifestyle and buy plastic free products, not just because it’s sustainable but because it’s healthier.

Softening agents used in plastics are accused of causing cancer.

This makes me afraid to think about my future and the future of this planet. We are consciously poisoning ourselves because we are too lazy to change our lifestyle.

We know that plastic and also sugar is causing cancer and we’re still using it on a daily basis.

Here is the link to the documentation I watched (but it’s in German).

If you want to watch any other documentation about this topic, here are some links:

  • On Netflix: A Plastic Ocean, The Inconvenient Sequel, What The Health
  • On Amazon Prime: That Sugar Film, Eating You Alive, An Inconvenient Truth, The Green Lie, Plastic Planet, …

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