Treat Other People Like You Would Like to Be Treated

How would you like to be treated by others? Are you treating your friends and acquaintances like that?

We often don’t think about how we treat other people. But we think a lot about how others are treating us.

We interpret and think a lot about the act of others but we don’t think about our acts.



Almost everybody knows what that word means. And also in this context, you can use that meaning behind it.

What you spread out, will get back to you. What goes around comes back around. When you always rate somebody by their look then you will also just meet superficial people who will rate and think like that.

You attract people that are similar to you. You can talk with similar people more because they think the same.

When you’re friendly and always in a good mood then you will get kindness back.

When you’re helping people then other people will help you too.

When you talk badly behind people’s backs then they will do that with you too.


So you don’t want to be treated badly but why are you treating others like that?

Think positive!

Take a look at the good things in the world and in the people. And you will be confirmed.

When you always see the negative sides in all and everybody then you will only see the negative.

You will hear all the awful and terrible things from people and the world because you’re always paying attention to that.

But have you ever looked at the positive sides of the people and the world?

Suddenly the world and life aren’t that sad or dangerous anymore. There are so many positive things in life and in the world.

You just need to open your eyes and pay attention to it.

For example, when people in the tram are clearing a seat for a weaker person.

When successful and rich people are donating their income to aid organizations or are helping out in poor countries.

When famous people are using their popularity to call attention to an important topic like the Ice Bucket Challenge or wearing black at the Golden Globes.



Empathize with the opposite and think about how this person would like to be treated.

Empathy is a really important characteristic of a human being, through that we get human.

Listen to the others!

Listen to them so that you understand them and not so that you can give an answer.

Spread out kindness and you will get it back.

Be open and you will encounter openness.


You yourself

You are the next person to yourself so treat yourself like you would like to be treated.

Don’t be so harsh on yourself. I know that we often are the most strict with ourselves. But you can’t get out of this body and you will spend your whole life with yourself. So don’t make your life harder.

Don’t be so harsh.

Be empathizing with yourself, and accept and love yourself.

You only have this life and body, so make the best out of it.

Listen to yourself and your heart!



Treat other people like you would like to be treated. Because what you spread out will come back to you.

Take a look at the positive side of the world and life. Even in hard times, you can find something positive. You will recognize the positive things.

Life can be so beautiful when you’re helping people and doing something good. Think less about yourself and the acts of others instead treat your environment like you would like to be treated.




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