2 Things You Can Learn From The Movie “Still Alice”

Recently I watched the movie “Still Alice” which is about a woman getting Alzheimer.

She was a famous professor and then she lost her knowledge because of this disease.

Are we our knowledge? Does our brain define who we are? Are we our experiences?

We learn and experience so many things in our life, but this disease can erase all of it.

What’s left then?

There is still this person who is alive.


At the end neither her knowledge nor her experiences could have helped her.

Her friends and family are left and their memories of her.


We live on in the memories and in our acts.

Your own knowledge disappears.

But what’s left are the memories other people have of you. About what you did or what you said.

These are the things that count the most: people and things you do.


Nobody knows what’s happening in your brain or what’s inside your brain.

But when you write it down, speak about it or act upon it, then you create memories for and with others.


It doesn’t matter what you’re thinking, as long as you don’t say it nobody knows and you will forget it.


Two things I learned from this movie which are important for our lives:

Family and friends are important

Friends and family are the ones who support you.

Those are the people who are left at the end of your day because they love you.

Spread love without ulterior motives and you will get it back when you need it the most.

Watch out and support your family and friends.

Relationships and love are the most important things in life and don’t let anything come between them.

Spend as much time as possible with your loved ones.

Because at the end of your life what you will regret most is that you didn’t spend enough time with your loved ones.

You will not regret that you didn’t work more.

At the end of your life nobody cares which grades you had in school. Or if you were good in Geography.

The feelings and the memories matter.


Just do it!

As long as your thoughts and ideas are only in your head, no one will know about them or will remember them.

So just do the things you want to do.

Express your feelings and be honest with the others and yourself.

Say the things you want to say.

Do the things you want to do.

You will regret it if you don’t. And then the time is over.

The memories other people have of you will survive you and those memories are made out of your words and acts.

Act and talk like the person you want to be.

Be honest.

Do the things you need to do.

Do the things you want to do.

Don’t care about what other people are thinking about it. They will die once too.

Everybody will die at some point.

It’s your choice to live your life without regrets.




At the end it’s important that you lived the life you wanted to live. Without regrets.

With family.

With friends.

With love.



You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough. Mae West



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