Uncertainty: You Don’t Know Anything And That’s Good

We don’t know everything. We think we are right but years later we know that we weren’t.

And it’s good that we aren’t right the whole time. Because if we were right the whole time, we would never change or improve ourselves.

We would stay on the same level of education as we were as a kid.

We once thought that Santa Claus was real.

You invented yourself. You don’t know anything about yourself because that is just what you think about yourself.

You can change whatever you want and to whoever you want to be. Change and improvement are important parts of our life, without them, there wouldn’t be any scientific research or development.

By knowing that you don’t know everything you think differently of yourself and the world. Without this ability to think differently a lot of big inventions wouldn’t have happened, like the light bulb or the computer.

When you think about your 14-year-old self, don’t you think you were naive or stupid? You made mistakes that you now think were stupid but you didn’t know that then. Now you know it because you changed and learned from the mistakes you made.

So many people are afraid of making mistakes but they are so important because only through making mistakes do you change and then know how it’s not going to work.

All successful people made a lot of mistakes at the beginning until they found their success. And they are still making mistakes because we are all only human. And it’s in human nature to make mistakes.

We made a lot of mistakes as a kid and a teenager but that’s how we learned and how we grew up. We improved and changed ourselves.

I’m a shy and introverted person. I always thought I cannot change that and that I will always be that kind of person. And I still am introverted but I improved myself by talking to more people and opening up.

The person you think you are is only the person you think about yourself.

Did that sound complicated?

Ok, let me explain it.

You think about yourself and what type of person you are. But you’re just thinking that and then acting according to it.

You can change your thoughts about yourself and so you can change yourself too. Because you are just the person you think you are and thoughts can be changed.

You can change yourself. You shouldn’t take your personality for granted. Everything is uncertain, even your personality.

You don’t know for sure what happens tomorrow or the next second, and you can never be sure.


Yesterday I talked to a guy who wasn’t very appealing to me at first and I didn’t know what to talk about.

At first, he was talking a lot about politics and his point of view. And I don’t like talking about politics when going out especially not with the kind of people that are enthusiastic about their point of view.

Then we talked about our studies at the university, and we found a topic we could talk about and my whole point of view changed.

So don’t judge somebody for one thing because you don’t know anything about that person or why that person is doing or saying that.

You don’t know anything.

You also shouldn’t expect everybody to understand what you’re saying or doing because they also don’t know anything and they don’t know everything about you.

The only thing you can be sure about is that you’re dying someday.

Death is a certainty.

It’s okay to be wrong or be uncertain because everything is (except death). Don’t take yourself so seriously.

You are never right because it’s just your way of looking at things at this moment. It will change.

Uncertainty is exciting too!

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