We Are All Equal

Everyone is a human being.

Sometimes we forget that.

And every person makes mistakes. That’s natural.

Your boss, your teacher, the popular kids, your children, your in-laws. They are all human beings trying to figure out life and living their lives.

But the relationships to those people often are hierarchical. We see them as above or below us and we express that in our communication and relationship with them. We see all the people around us in vertical relationships. Our parents and our boss are above us, and the new colleague is below us. And that’s how we treat them. But what we’re missing is that every one of them is on the same level of human being as we are. We all were born, and we all are going to die.

Don’t treat people differently because of what level you think they are. You shouldn’t make a difference.

We are all people on this earth. We all make mistakes. We are all the same.

So, treat everyone the same.

In the relationships to other people there’s always a give and take. We are connected. We need each other. We’re helping each other out. Equally. Your boss needs you and your work as much as you need him to help you, teach you or just to pay you.

We’re all equal. We give to and take from each other equally. Because we are all equal important in this life and on this earth.

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