What I Regret And At The Same Moment Don’t Regret

I changed my profession. After I finished my Bachelor’s.

I have a Bachelor’s degree in Media Technology and I worked as a programmer for a few months.

But after that I changed my profession and started studying again. From the beginning. Architecture.



Because I’m really interested in it and I would regret it if I don’t study it now.

But that’s not the regret I want to tell you about.

After my A level I already thought about studying Architecture but I thought that I’m not creative enough and that you couldn’t earn much money with this profession.

So I started a Bachelor’s degree programme in IT and I can definitely earn a lot of money in this sector.

So I chose it because of the money.

And because I was too afraid to fail.

Sometimes I’m regretting that decision because I could have studied Architecture from the start.

But on the other side, you need experience for studying Architecture, for designing, drawing and falling into this passion of Architecture.

So many people are studying this subject and so it’s important that you really love it and do it with your whole heart.

I definitely wouldn’t have had that kind of passion, experience or maturity to dive into this subject with my heart at the age of 19.


Experience Is Important

So I made some great experiences at my previous Bachelor’s. And those helped me to get the maturity I need for studying Architecture.

I met new people. I experienced different lifestyles. I experienced failures and depressions. I experienced being uncomfortable with my life. I was at a low point. I had the best time of my life and I met amazing and inspiring people on the road.

All those experiences made me to who I am right now. And I need those experiences to be good at my studies now and to know how precious it is to study something with passion.

I still think that my last Bachelor’s is interesting and that’s why I finished it but I just couldn’t see myself in this profession.


So my message to you is to not choose something because of the money.

But if you did or if you do, you can always go back and start again. Because everything you do and choose will get you experiences that you will never forget or you will need for your future path.

I don’t know what will happen in the future or tomorrow. But for now I know that I’m happy with this decision and that’s all what matters. If you would have asked me a few years back if I’m happy with my decision, I would have said yes too because for that time it was the right choice.

And at the end it makes all sense and it will come together to the life you want, you need and you dream of.



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