Why Most People Have No Motivation

Do you also have a lack of motivation everyday in the morning?

In the evening before I go to bed I’m pumped with all the motivation and good feelings for my future, but as soon as I wake up the next morning I’m sleepy and I want to stay in bed.

Even though I think of myself as a morning person because I like to wake up early and do work, I still stay in bed longer than I want to. Well, after I get up I’m feeling bad that I stayed so long in bed.

So I read about a thing that could help me get up and be motivated right from the beginning and I’m testing it right now.

I want to tell you about it because it could help you too.


The miraculous thing I read about:

Wake up and say or think: “Hooray! Life is great!”

It’s just a small thing we’re changing here but it will be our first thought in the morning and it’s a positive one.

And it really helped me to get more motivation today.


Positive thinking can increase your motivation

A lot of people are having mostly negative thoughts and that’s totally normal today, because we are consuming a lot of media and news and most of the times they are negative. A war in this country, hungry people there, and beautiful hair in the ads you want so that you buy it…

But the world is getting better with each year. Every year there are less hungry and poor people and less children die.


Control your thoughts

You can control your thoughts, that’s so special about human beings. How? By meditating and trying to watch over your thoughts when they are wandering. By replacing negative thoughts with positive ones. For example, when you look in the mirror, you look at the bad things on your body, right? But instead you can think about the things you like about your body.


Visualizing your dream future

“Imagine Your Life Is Perfect In Every Respect; What Would It Look Like?” — Brian Tracy

Even though, something else got me motivated today: I visualized my dream future yesterday before going to bed and today right after I woke up. Visualize your dream day as vivid and emotionally as possible like you’re living it right now.

I see myself as a mother with kids and a husband, having a nice house and working from home as an Architect. I see myself doing Yoga and meditating in the morning and afterwards spending time with my kids.

Try to visualize as many details as possible, so that it feels real and you could feel it happening.


Have a powerful morning routine

The things you do right after waking up can make or break your day. That’s why a morning routine is so important for the rest of the day, just like the breakfast influences your whole day.

My morning routine starts with meditation and visualizing my dream future. You should try to watch over your thoughts but not in a mad way, because it’s ok when your mind is wandering, it’s even necessary.

After meditating I’m studying Spanish for a few minutes on the app Duolingo. There you have an amount of points you have to achieve each day and I do that everyday for over 400 days already.

A powerful morning routine should also include breakfast and maybe a little exercising, but it depends on how much time you have left in the morning. If you don’t have enough time, you should consider waking up earlier.

The feeling that you already achieved something today after your morning routine is releasing and you can start working with less pressure. In the evening you’re mostly exhausted, you just want to relax and so the motivation decreases, but in the morning you still have all the energy and the motivation.



Positive thoughts can increase your motivation almost immediately and by thinking them everyday you can stay motivated a long period of time. Visualizing your dream future is just like thinking positive about the future. You visualize a great and positive future and so you stay on course to that dream. And then you implement all these things into a powerful morning routine and you will have motivation almost everyday.

It always takes time to form a habit like a morning routine, but keep going and you will see the positive results at the end. And if it doesn’t work one day, then that’s ok but start again tomorrow.

“The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing. ”
Walt Disney Company


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