5 Things You Should Remove From Your Life in 2023

To get more happiness into your life

There will always be negative things and people to accept or get rid of in your life.

The goal is not to get influenced by them or know how to accept them.

I know that this year I had negativity influencing my life. I complained I’m friends with negative people, I had a lot of time-wasting situations…

The first step is to recognize the negative things and people so that you know what or who to remove.

Here is my list of things (I guess there are a lot more negative things in life) that we should remove next year:


I grew up in an environment of complaining and I still live in one. It’s a fact that people from Vienna (Austria) are complaining a lot about everything. It’s the most livable city in the world, and people complain.

I have the feeling that I have to complain so that I have something to talk about and people listen. The whole mindset is wrong.

The conversations are superficial and negative.

I’m trying to get rid of it by writing down what I’m grateful for every day. At least 3 things. And before I start a conversation I will think about the positive characteristics of this person, I maybe start with a compliment.

Thinking about things I’m grateful for every day will shift my mindset to positivity, and I am aware of it and will talk about it.

“Be grateful for what you have and stop complaining — it bores everybody else, does you no good, and doesn’t solve any problems.”

— Zig Ziglar

Negative People

Most of the time negative people don’t even know they are negative. I think sometimes I’m one of those too. They are complaining the whole time and they see the worst in people…

One thing to remember: it’s usually not their fault. They grew up like that, or they had bad experiences. But that doesn’t mean that you have to help them and solve their problems.

They have their problems, and you are not here to solve them. You live your life and solve your own problems. Don’t let them lure you in.

Just don’t engage in their complaining, gossiping, and negativity. Say ok, leave, or accept them how they are.

Don’t make the mistake to try to change them. That’s not your job.

“Stay away from negative people. They have a problem for every solution.”

— Albert Einstein

Stressful Projects

You will have projects and deadlines. I know I will have some this year. I don’t want to get stressed by them. I will continuously work on the project, and I will not stress myself in the last moments before the deadline. What is done, is done.

During the first semesters of my Bachelor’s I got myself stressed over deadlines. I slept less, I worked hard without breaks, I didn’t exercise…

It was unhealthy, and I don’t want to have that again.

I now know more about self-management, time management, and stress management, so I will use my experiences to finish the projects in a healthy way.

Some small tips from my side:

  • plan your week ahead and block time for your project when you go into the flow zone
  • don’t quit your morning and evening routine. You need time away from your project
  • don’t try to be perfect. Focus on the most essential part and leave the rest for the end if there is still time and energy, else don’t do it
  • even though the deadline is two months away: start and continuously work on it


Watching TV after coming home from work was my way to relax. Then it was so comfortable that I didn’t do anything else that evening. Don’t fall for that trap!

Watching TV is not a bad thing. We need some break and entertainment but what we don’t need is to spend all our time in front of it.

Time-wasters could also be playing video games, going to parties with negative and drunk people, or just standing in line for small things.

Your time is your most precious gift in life. It’s not endless. You will not get it back.


I still doubt my knowledge, strengths, and self. It’s another mindset I will change this year. My thoughts about myself are still mostly negative.

It’s something that is in our subconscious. It’s hard to get it out of there. Over 80% had at some point or still have imposter syndrome. Why? It’s coming from the media and advertisements where they tell us that we are not enough unless we buy their product. Without their perfume, we don’t look as good as Julia Roberts. We need smooth legs to look pretty so we need their razor.

Cut out advertisements as much as possible. Don’t compare yourself with others! You are great just the way you are, and you will improve and grow.

Make yourself realize what you already achieved in your life. Finished high school, studied, have a great job, or have great friends which appreciate you.

You are special. You are great. Self-doubt is blocking you from success. It’s only in your mind.

“Fear and self-doubt have always been the greatest enemies of human potential.”

— Brian Tracy

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