7 Things I Achieved Since I Started To Write Online In August 2022

People don’t know me yet but the habit of writing is established

It’s been four months and I cannot believe what I already achieved. It’s not a big success yet but it’s more than I expected in this short period.

Here are the 7 learnings:

Achievement #1: Publishing with a publication on Medium

I never thought I’m good enough to get published somewhere. I’m writing every week since August and I’m still thinking that I don’t deserve any of the small successes I already had. I guess my imposter syndrome is showing up.

I’m so happy that almost all of my stories get published now on Carpe Diem Daily Inspiration and I cannot wait to apply for more.

You can do it too! If you already have some good posts, click on the page of any publication and there is usually a description on how to get published there.

Achievement #2: Get a steady 0,40$ per month on Medium now

I know it isn’t much. But for me, it’s huge because it shows me that I’m able to get paid for my writing. It’s a motivation for me and I will celebrate all the small steps along the way.

I enjoy the path to my goal else I will not be happy. You will achieve the goal once in your life but the path there is more important and should be celebrated, happy and adventurous.

Celebrate the small successes, be motivated by them also through rough times, and then consistently work on your goal.

“The path is the goal”

— Mahatma Gandhi



Achievement #3: Famous writers like Tim Denning and Alex Mathers Answered Me On Twitter (fan moment)

Starting to write on Twitter was the best idea ever. I didn’t know before that my favorite writers are there too and are replying and giving more tips there.

Interacting with them by writing replies is huge and at first, I was afraid but I got great replies and feedback, and it’s great to get a connection and to see that they are humans too.

On Twitter, you get your daily inspiration and motivation. Just follow only the people who are positive and who you want in your community.

It’s a great community there.

“The need for connection and community is primal, as fundamental as the need for air, water and food.”

— Dean Ornish



Achievement #4: Morning routine and habit for writing established

Since October I established a habit of writing 200 words per day. And last week I read the book “Miracle Morning” by Hal Elrod and I’m hooked on morning routines.

I already once experimented with morning routines when I read “The 5 AM Club” by Robin Sharma but it was not possible for me to stick to waking up at 5 am because I’m volunteering at a student organization where the meeting can go longer, and also the parties…

But reading about the morning routine from Hal Elrod and that you can do it whenever you wake up made me start again.

Now I’m in my 2nd week of waking up earlier and doing the whole morning routine of the SAVERS. I sometimes don’t get the 200 words done but that’s ok because working on my mindset is as important.

Go read “Miracle Morning” by Hal Elrod (or watch the movie free on the internet) and I promise you you will be hooked and want to do that too. It’s totally possible to do it in the morning before going to work.

Achievement #5: Able to squeeze it in next to the university, work, and volunteering (never thought that was possible)

Do you know the excuse that you don’t start something until you have more time or something is slowing down?

I had the same excuses:

  • I will start when I have less to do for university
  • I will start when this deadline at work is over
  • I will start when there is less to do at my organization

And it never happened. There is always something new coming.

So in August, I said f*ck it, I will do it anyway.

The only time in the day I have quiet time to write is in the morning so I started writing in the morning and it changed me ever since.

I believe in myself more because I know I already achieved something before I get to work. It’s a great feeling!

You should try it too! Wake up a little earlier and do your personal morning routine. It will change you!

“He that is good for making excuses is seldom good for anything else.”

— Benjamin Franklin



Achievement #6: Learned to use Twitter and LinkedIn

I was not a big fan of social media. I rarely post something on Instagram or Facebook. I have had this feeling since middle school that I will get judged for everything.

Since I read the book “The Subtle Art of Not Giving A F*ck” by Mark Manson my view of the work changed. I don’t care anymore what other people say.

It’s my life.

So I started to use Twitter and LinkedIn. I was afraid to click “Publish” but I know I have to do it because that’s how I connect with my readers and that’s how I get my message out.

Some great things happened: people told me in person that they really like what I’m writing about, and some joined my newsletter.

I’m happy that I can make other people happy!

Don’t be afraid to post something on Twitter and LinkedIn. You are not the only one there actually and it’s hard to get attention anyway.

Write what you want to write about and you will find the people who will follow you and like you.

Achievement #7: Went out of my bubble and interacted with other people (not used to doing that on the Internet)

Last but not least, I learned to interact with people on the internet.

What? I didn’t do that before? No, because I didn’t know who is behind the profile and I’m not a fan to talk with strangers.

I still don’t write DMs to strangers, but maybe next year 😉

Interacting with like-minded people on Twitter or LinkedIn made me realize that I belong there. They understand me, they help me and they like me.

They like every interaction and reply to their posts.

At first, I was afraid to reply to posts because don’t bother someone. Do they really want to hear my opinion?

But as soon as I wrote some replies I got a lot of great feedback and also followers. Everyone is really kind and appreciates every reply.

Such a great community! So don’t be afraid to hit reply on the posts you like!

Thanks for reading!

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