Have Control Over Your Own Life By Setting Your Priorities

What are the most important things in your life?

Do you set your priorities according to those things?

One of the most important things in a lot of people’s life is family, but then they don’t give it the highest priority in their life.

So many people are working five days a week, eight hours a day.

But they think that the most important thing in their life is their family.

Well, then something is wrong with their priorities.

It seems like the job is a higher priority and that’s why they don’t have time for their family and why they are stressed at the end of the day and are not able to spend valuable time with their loved ones.


Set Your Priorities Based On Your Values

If you really think that your loved ones are more important than work, then you should set your priorities according to it and act on it.

At the end of your life you will regret not having spent enough time with your loved ones.

There are always ways to work less and have more time with your family.


If you really want that time with your family, you will get it and find a solution.

Because you are willing to make changes to live according to your priorities.

Set priorities for yourself and your life, so that no one else is doing it for you.



Don’t Live By The Priorities Of Your Boss

So many are living by the priorities from their boss and job. They think they have to live by them, so that they make money and support their family.

But you chose to give the control over your life to your boss and employer.

There are so many ways to earn money and to not give up the control of your life along its way.

If you don’t find any other way to make money, then you should try to decrease your expenses to be able to work less.


Life isn’t about working and having a job. Life is about living and enjoying it.

It’s about having a purpose and spending time with your loved ones.

Just enjoy it.


I quit my well-payed job to start studying again from the beginning. Because I didn’t want to do that job for the rest of my life.

I set my priorities and realized that this job wasn’t one of them.

I mean one day I will have a job again, probably self-employed, but with my terms and my priorities controlling my life.

Right now, my studies are controlling my life a little, but I chose to let them because these studies are my passion and it’s one of my priorities right now.


Your priorities can change from time to time, because you won’t be always the same and you will have different parts in your life.

But remember that you can choose to control your life by setting your priorities and living according to them.


My priorities right now based on my values
  • Love: friends and family
  • Passion: Architecture and Sustainability
  • Health: sports and healthy, delicious food
  • Development: self-development and learning new things everyday


What are your priorities?




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