You Can Decide If You Want To Be Happy

Every time something bad happens we accuse other people and circumstances. We accuse everything else when we don’t get what we want.

I want to eat less chocolate but at the end I eat more because I see them lying around everywhere at home or I get some for my birthday or Christmas. And we always say to ourselves that it’s not our fault because we got it as a present or it was lying around.

But it is our fault. We make our own decisions for our life. I made the decision to eat this chocolate bar because I couldn’t resist and it was lying there. But it’s my fault because I made the decision to eat it. I could have also put it away where I can’t see it or I can tell my friends that I don’t want to get chocolate anymore.

But it’s easier to accuse others and we don’t want to admit our mistakes.

The same thing happens with our feelings. We are mad or disappointed when somebody rejects us or is not nice to us. And it’s ok to be mad or disappointed but it is your decision to get influenced by those people. That person then has the power to influence your feelings and how you spend your time.

But you can decide that you don’t want to get influenced by others. You alone have the power over your feelings and you can change them.

Don’t let other people influence your feelings! If somebody makes you angry then take a deep breath and think about why you’re angry and let go. You don’t want to waste time being angry while you can enjoy life and be happy.

The biggest time waste of our life is to worry and to be angry about things we can’t control like a traffic jam or other people.

Just remember that you can control your feelings and you decide how you want to be influenced by external events.

In every moment you can choose your feelings.

Don’t waste time on negative feelings and focus on the good things in life. There are so many of them.

  • A sunny day
  • Children laughs
  • A delicious breakfast
  • A nice evening with friends


Recently I caught myself thinking that I’m not happy right now but I will be when my semester starts again and I see my friends again or when I get a new boyfriend. The whole time I was just sitting around and waiting for the time to pass by until I’m happy again.

That was stupid.

So I chose to be happy right now and to enjoy life every moment.


You have the control over your life, your feelings and your thoughts.

Don’t let others control you!

If you choose to be happy, then you’ll be happy.

Be happy!

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