How To Focus On Your Day Ahead In The Morning

Every morning it’s hard for me to get out of bed. Not because I don’t have anything great going on in my life for which I want to stand up. It’s because my bed is so comfortable that I want to stay in there and enjoy it.

So I made a kind of a compromise to be able to stay in bed longer but do something already. At first, I’m meditating and then I’m learning Spanish on my phone.

My meditation helps me to focus on the day ahead of me and to get motivated to stand up.

In the beginning, I’m focusing on my breathing and calming down, and releasing the feelings I have after a dream, for example.

Then I’m focusing on the things that will happen this day and what I need to do today. And the most important thing I keep in mind is the goal of why I’m doing all of this. You have to remind yourself of your why so that you keep your focus and your motivation every day.

It may not be the ideal morning routine and it may not work for everybody, but for now and for my life circumstances right now it’s working.

The day doesn’t begin with stress and I’m ready to start working. Another important thing for my morning routine is a healthy breakfast. Since I lived in Ireland I’m eating porridge with fruit every morning. And it’s definitely one thing I’m most excited about every morning. It’s something I’m enjoying every day and I think everybody should have something he enjoys every day.


I’m not the type of person who can talk and write a lot about a topic. I’m kind of a minimalist with words. I like to cut it short because everything else is time-wasting, well most of the time.

So try out meditation in the morning if you already haven’t. Meditation is such an important tool to get back to your thoughts and relax after a stressful day or night. Re-focus on your goals and the day ahead of you.


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