Jacinda Ardern: A Politician Who Ruled With Kindness And Empathy

A success story

According to Wikipedia, Jacinda Ardern was the 40th prime minister of New Zealand, and the world’s youngest head of government at age 37 when she became prime minister in 2017.

I would not say that I’m really interested in politics.

Why? Too many discussions and meetings about nothing happening. Old, white men that don’t represent me.

That is the problem with politics in Europe and North America: my generation (20-something years old) is not represented in politics. All we see are discussions from really old guys about us and our future. And we have nothing to say.

And most of the time it’s not about actually changing something, it’s more about how to win the target group’s votes, and being against everything the other political party talks about.

It’s disappointing and frustrating. Two reasons why I’m not interested in politics.

Why am I writing about Jacinda Ardern?

She is the best example of why women are better politicians if they rule with “female” values like

  • empathy,
  • kindness,
  • and willingness to help.

Those are the values of a great leader, and we need a leader to rule our country and not the one who talks the loudest with words that elementary school kids understand.

It’s about knowing what the inhabitants of your country need, and what the problems are. It’s not about going against everything the other party says or wants.

Tim Denning (and other great writers on Medium) always write about being kind. To yourself. To everyone around you. And you will become successful.

The Basics of Success

Jacinda Ardern understands what the basics of success are:

  • Empathy: understanding what your customers/inhabitants need
  • Kindness: listening to everyone, appreciating and helping everyone equally.
  • Teamwork: finding solutions together
  • Serving and helping people: serve the people with solutions
  • Results: let the results speak for the success

Those are points that a lot of politicians don’t get. By working together, with the goal of serving the people in mind and not just talking about things they are gonna do the politicians can actually change the world, and the lives of their inhabitants for the better.

People don’t listen to them anymore because they just talk and talk bullsh*t.

“Leadership is not about necessarily being the loudest in the room, but instead being the bridge, or the thing that is missing in the discussion and trying to build a consensus from there.”

— Jacinda Ardern

The Future Of Politics?

There is change happening in the world of politics. In New Zealand Ardern managed the Covid crisis with one of the best results and strategies in the world. In Finland, Sanna Marin is making history with being now the youngest prime minister and having a really young cabinet of ministers.

Is it possible that in the future a country can be ruled without corruption and instead with kindness? I don’t know. But Ardern gives me hope for humanity.

My demand: the age of white old men ruling the world and deciding our future should be over as soon as possible.

We have proof now that a government for the people ruling with kindness and success is possible, and should be a positive example for future politicians.

For all the women who want to be successful or/and politicians? Don’t throw away your female values and become like a man to be successful.

Rule with kindness! Kindness, empathy, and diversity are your advantage!

“You can carve your own path, be your own kind of leader. We do need to create a new generation of leadership.”

— Jacinda Ardern

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