Life Is a Classroom: Embrace Every Opportunity

You decide how to perceive it

Rob Dial said a sentence on his podcast “The Mindset Mentor” that stuck with me: “Life is a classroom”.

Most people stop improving and learning after finishing university or high school. That is the biggest mistake of their life. They don’t see the opportunity in each moment.

Life is about problems, challenges and decisions. It doesn’t matter if you succeed or fail, you need to learn from every experience.

What I don’t like about the sentence I mentioned above is that I have bad memories of classrooms. Kids are too loud, throwing things around, and me being shy and not speaking the whole day.

I see it as life is the best teacher you will ever have. The universe (or God or whoever you believe in) gives you experiences and lessons exactly when you need them. It communicates with you through people and situations.

Accept this view of the world and your life changes!

You are looking forward to getting to the next challenging problem because you will learn a lot from it. If you fight with your partner, you will see it as an opportunity to check what the universe wants to tell you.

“Don’t limit your challenges; challenge your limits. Each day we must strive for constant and never-ending improvement.”

— Tony Robbins

Be ready to learn

Life can be hard or easy. You choose how you see it.

Be ready to learn from all the lessons the universe throws onto you.

  • Every experience
  • Every person
  • Every situation
  • Every failure
  • Every success

is an opportunity to learn and grow.

Your path and your life until now are not a coincidence. You got here with the decisions you made based on your experiences.

If you decide to see everything as an opportunity: you grow. You will be happier because every problem is a life lesson. Challenges and finding solutions is what keep life interesting.

Life doesn’t happen to you but for you. If you view the world like that, you are ready to learn and grow with every opportunity.

“Life happens. Adapt. Embrace change, and make the most of everything that comes your way.”

— Nick Jonas

Everything is here to learn

The universe is communicating with you by giving you fights, lessons, and failures you should learn from.

This week I had some problems with colleagues not doing their tasks, and instead, they did some other not important ones. This gives me the opportunity to improve my social skills and my assertiveness. The universe tells me I have to learn that.

If you have a fight with your partner, take a step back and take a look at what you can learn from it.

  • Do you have to listen more?
  • Does your partner have problems you should help with?
  • Do you need to learn to defend yourself?

See the opportunity to improve in everything and you will see the world more positive.

If I’m getting angry with people being loud, then I have to see it as an opportunity to accept every person as she is.

“Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young. The greatest thing in life is to keep your mind young.”

— Henry Ford

Don’t stop learning after finishing university

Most people stop learning, reading, and improving after they are finished with university. Don’t be one of them!

Without continuing to improve, you are stuck.

And not just that: you will fall behind!

Younger people who continue to read and learn will pass you and your skills. You think age is the reason you have the right to get promoted and be a senior. No, age is just a number.

The people who are above you on the career ladder never stopped learning and improving.

Take the opportunity to improve yourself!

You will get to your goals faster and easier!

A lot of people get comfortable in their boring job. They do the same things every day and think with this “hard” work, they show their value and get promoted. This is not the case (not anymore)!

You have to give more than average to become successful

Average is normal. Everyone is doing normal. It’s hard to stand out and get successful.

Break out of it and give more than 100% to achieve your goals.

  • Read books
  • Watch documentaries
  • Improve your social skills
  • Work on yourself
  • Educate yourself with workshops, online courses…
  • Read about possible future scenarios

By doing more than average, you will stand out! This is a good thing because 99% of people are not doing it!

Figure out where you want to be in a few years and then work on the skills you need to get there!

“I am not more gifted than anybody else. I am just more curious than the average person and I will not give up a problem until I have found the proper solution.”

— Albert Einstein

Life is a classroom

This sentence reminded me of checking what my current view is of the world. By viewing life as a teacher and not a burden, I’m more positive, and I can manage a lot more that comes my way.

By viewing life as a classroom, you will see the opportunities and experience them more positively.

Your mindset changes, and this can change the world for the better!

“Once your mindset changes, everything on the outside will change along with it.”

— Steve Maraboli

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