Little Things We Can Do Every Day For A Positive Change

An honest smile is worth a lot.

Babies smile at everybody honestly and you will smile back if that smile is for you.

But life happens to the baby and we don’t smile honestly anymore as a grownup.

When was the last time you smiled at somebody honestly because you were happy to see that person?

I don’t remember.

But shouldn’t we all smile at our loved ones every time we see them?

Every morning we wake up, we should be happy to have a loved one sleeping next to us and we should appreciate that and give them an honest smile which means that we don’t take that person for granted.


I’m really bad at showing feelings for others, I don’t know why.

But by showing the other person an honest smile we can show so many feelings. We show this person that we love him or her. Every human is special and every human has the right to be loved by somebody else.

So show each person that you love him and the human he is.


In the Western culture it’s not usual to smile at everyone we see. People will think I’m weird when I would start smiling the whole time.

In the underground. At work. At home. In the supermarket. It’s weird to smile and be happy while grocery shopping or being in the underground.

But I think that should change.

It’s ok to be happy while grocery shopping or being in the underground. We just enjoy life right now.

By smiling at people and being kind, we can change so many things for the better.


Here are a few small things we could do to make the world a little better each day:

Say thanks to everybody and everything

Every time somebody is doing something for you, be thankful.

Every little gesture of kindness can change a person’s day.

By giving kindness and saying thanks, you will get a lot more kindness back.

You share your kindness with others, and it will increase and send out positive energy.

Be thankful for your life and everything in it. Nothing should be taken for granted.

It’s such a beautiful life and life itself is a miracle. Each person is a miracle.

So appreciate everything and everybody in your life.

And be thankful and say thanks.


Show kindness

To treat somebody with kindness, you treat yourself also with kindness because you will have positive and kind thoughts and you will get kindness back.

The energy you’re spreading out and the thoughts you’re thinking are improving your life and the life of others.

It influence your whole life and then your environment and the people in it.

Offer your help to your loved ones or other people without expecting anything. You will make them happier and they will appreciate it.

Offer your seat in the underground to people who need it more.

Appreciate your loved ones and show them you love them.


Be honestly interested in the other person

People like to talk about themselves and their problems. It’s important to talk about your problems to get a different point of view or to let it go.

So a person needs to have somebody once in a while to talk to and who just listens.

Ask honest questions. Appreciate and understand what he’s talking about.



Don’t get pissed by little things

A lot of people are getting pissed really quickly by little things. This not only decreases the mood of that person but also the mood of all the other people around it.

I know that sometimes people are stressed out and are not in a good mood but that doesn’t mean that they should infect others with it.

You yourself can choose if you let little things or people affect your mood. There will always be people or things you don’t like or are stupid in your opinion, but you choose how much they affect you and your life.

If you are stressed and the queue in front of the cash desk is long, just be patient, learn to be patient in uncomfortable situations. The queue doesn’t get smaller if you’re complaining to the person next to you.

That leads me to the next point…


Don’t complain

Complaining is one of the most time wasting habits we have.

If you can’t change it, forget it, accept it and live on.

If you can change it, then do something to change it.

Complaining to others is one of the most popular hobbies. If we don’t have something to complain about, we wouldn’t have anything to talk about. Well, that’s what I’m experiencing here in Austria.

And sometimes I catch myself doing it too, when I don’t know what to talk about anymore.

By complaining we’re thinking and talking about negative things and we’re spreading these negativity in our environment.

Complaining doesn’t change the thing you’re complaining about. The only thing that complaining does, is to get you and your environment in a bad mood.

If you want to change something, then change it!

If you can’t change it, then let it go and accept it.




If we want a positive change in the world, we should act out of kindness everyday.

Every little act of kindness is one step into the right direction.

Try it out and you will see a difference in your life. You will get so much more back in return.

Every little smile is a positive change in the world.



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