Material Presents Don’t Make Us Happy

Every year before Christmas nobody has time because they have to go present shopping. Because of that the shops and shopping malls are full. Because of that they have even less time and can’t enjoy this actually thoughtful time.

It starts with the thoughts about the presents. Something useful? Something funny?

Every year the same problems and talks.

In the end, you aren’t even sure if the other one even needs this present. It doesn’t matter, the main point is that you have a present, right?

But after Christmas, the pleasure of the new presents is over really quickly. We enjoyed the get-togethers and parties with our family and friends much more.

But the best thing about Christmas is: friends and family with whom we can, want, and are allowed to celebrate. It isn’t only a religious festival, it’s the time and feast of love. And that is the most important thing about Christmas: Love.

You sit together with your family or friends and play games or chat. You committed yourself to freeing up time for your loved ones. The presents are soon forgotten.


The time with loved ones is the best present on Christmas and the most important thing.

Be grateful to be able to spend time with your family and your friends.

You should keep in mind that nobody lives forever.

I experienced this very early in my life because my grandparents died young. And I’m grateful that my grandparents from my Mum’s side are still alive and that’s why I’m visiting them as often as I can.

Life is short, so enjoy it with your loved ones.


Also on New Year’s Eve, you don’t have to go to the biggest party and get drunk. You can also have a nice evening with friends at home and it will be even funnier and more relaxing.

Make time for your loved ones.

Because time is the most valuable thing in your life and the best present that you can give to a person.


Thanks for reading!

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