What Am I Willing To Give Up In Order To Reach Greatness?

I read this sentence and it hit me hard. I want to reach greatness.

Everyone wants to reach greatness, right? You want to be the best version of yourself. You study, read and experience to improve.

But life comes in the way and you give up your own health and greatness to help someone else achieve their goal and get money for it. You work for someone else, you need the money to live and then you have less time for your health, loved ones, and improvement.

Is the money really worth it?

You need the money to pay your bills and enjoy life. I get it. But money isn’t everything. And it’s definitely not making you happy.

Happiness is living with a goal by your own values.

A steady job with 40-hour work weeks is not the only thing that can bring you money. The internet is giving you a lot of options. Selling things online, writing, consulting in your field, freelancing…

There are so many options and it can feel overwhelming. But if you know your goal and your values, there are only a few options left that you can do.

So what are you willing to give up to find those few options/opportunities? If you work towards your goal consistently, you will give up things and people on the way.

You will improve yourself, but you will need other things. You are changing.

Instead of going out with your friend, you want to go to bed early to work the next day or go to a fair or course for your goal. You meet new people, you will lose the friends who only go out.

You want and you need different conversations. You will give up conversations about clothes, famous people, and neighbors instead, you will replace them with discussions about online tools, empowerment, inspiring people, and empathy. Or whatever fits with the field you want to work in.

“To get something different, you must do something different.”

— Stephen Richards

I got the opportunity to go to a Female Future Festival in Munich last week. It was inspiring, empowering, and motivating. I learned a lot. I met interesting people. And did go there instead of a boring day at work or a free day at home in front of the TV.

What will bring you closer to your goal and to the life you want to live?

Based on which values do you want to live? And then make decisions according to it.

For example, I choose to wake up earlier and write 200 words per day instead of going to bed late because of watching TV.

It’s not about giving up but about what you will gain

People are always scared about giving up something. They are attached to it or her/him. They are afraid of change.

But you have to think about the good side of doing something new. You learn. You improve. Your life quality rises. You meet inspiring people.

You will give up the people who are holding you back. You will give up bad conversations. You will give up watching bad TV series and movies (There is a lot of trash out there).



Go Out of Your Comfort Zone

I’m an introvert. And now I’m proud of that. It hasn’t always been like that.

I was shy (and I’m still shy around some people). But by going out of my comfort zone, I was able to grow and overcome the fear of talking to people. When I was 12 I was afraid of talking to my aunt.

I know you probably don’t like small talk or meeting new people. It can be scary. But that’s how you get rid of that fear and the awkwardness. Just do it! Trust me it will never be as bad as you think it could be. We always have the worst-case scenario in our mind, but 99,9% of it doesn’t come true.

“Greatness begins beyond your comfort zone.”

— Robin S. Sharma



What am I willing to give up?

I thought about it a lot. I’m really conscious of my time. I like to be efficient (which can be good and bad). I’m willing to give up friends who only go partying. I’m willing to give up watching tv series and movies. I’m willing to give up playing video games (I get bored really fast anyway).

As a child, I played a lot of Sims. Spent the whole summer in front of the monitor. My sister and I woke up in the middle of the night to play Sims in secret because we weren’t allowed to play for more hours during the day.

In retrospect, I see now that we wasted great summers of fun outside, playing games in the pool or exploring the woods.

I’m willing to give it up because I want greatness. I want the life I deserve. I want to be successful. I have my goals and I want to achieve them. For my future children. For a happy life.

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