Minimalism and How You Can Work Less by Applying It

To have more time to spend with loved ones

People are always talking about an online course or holidays they would like to do but don’t have money for it.

I’m convinced that if you want something really bad, you will find a way to do it. That’s where minimalism comes into play.

Because if you really want something, you will do everything in your power to achieve it.

That’s why today I want to write about how you can change your lifestyle to achieve something you would like but don’t have the money or time for it.

Less Consumerism -> More Time for Loved Ones

One person doesn’t necessarily need a full-time job to be able to afford life. A lot of people nowadays are working to be able to afford consumerism or a hobby.

But do we really need so much stuff in our life?

In the end, all these things are useless because you can not take them with you into the grave and they cannot protect you from it or make you happy.

But a lot of people don’t share this opinion.

Until they are lying on their deathbed, they don’t see that stuff and money isn’t the most important thing in life. But then it’s too late.

It’s a shame that so many people are wasting their life, time, and potential. And I feel bad for those children whose parents never were at home because they were working. So the children were left in school, in kindergarten, or at a nanny the whole day.

It’s clear to me that the parents worked for their children to get them a good life. 
But for children, it’s more important to see their parents and to get love because at that age they don’t know anything about money.

The parents and all other people need to decrease their expenses so that they have more time for their loved ones.

Is the most recent 4K TV more important than spending time with family and friends?

You could work 30 hours a week and then you will have time for family, friends and your own health.

That’s what I experienced when I worked full-time: I neglected my health and my friends because I was too tired in the evening.

That’s why I recognized that I set my priorities wrong.

  • health
  • my family
  • my friends

They are much more important than my job which I didn’t like but got me money.

But maybe I’m a special case because I never knew what I should spend my money on.

I’m living minimalistic and I neglect high expenses.

The only big expense I did, was to buy a tablet for around 900€, for which I searched and compared a lot of websites.

If I had really decreased my expenses, I wouldn’t have bought this tablet because I already have a laptop.

Passive Income

Another possibility for working less without giving up your lifestyle is to have a passive income.

Which means you are getting income without working anything.

On the internet, you can find a lot of tips and possibilities.

For example, you can write a book and sell it on Amazon, create an online course, or maybe do affiliate marketing.

I don’t have a passive income yet because I’m still thinking about my ideas.

But my brother is putting his music on YouTube and Spotify, and he is getting money if a certain amount of people listen to it.


Additionally, you can save money with minimalism by living only with the bare essentials.

You just think about it first before buying something, if this thing is worth your money and time.

Everything you possess needs time to:

  • buy it
  • bring it back home
  • clean it
  • sell it again.

So is it really necessary to have 10 to 20 decorations in one room?

Isn’t one or none enough?

Because what do you achieve by having this stuff? You have to clean the shelves and the decorations.

And is this thing making you happy now?

Or are you thinking that this thing is worth your time and money every time you are looking at it?

Relationships, memories, and time together with friends and family are much more important than having stuff on your mantelpiece.

There are different types of minimalism and you don’t have to choose the radical way.

You can do this your way and at your speed.

You can start with one part first and then go ahead, for example only your closet, sugar, kitchen utensils, or decoration.

All at once would be too much, so just start with one area and take a look if you like reducing your stuff.

From my own experience, I know that less stuff makes you happier because the room or the closet is tidier and you’re saving time by not having so many choices anymore in the morning.

Enjoy this free time by having a walk or by having a cozy board game evening with friends.

I am always happy when my little brother is playing a board game with me instead of watching TV. And it’s a lot more fun.

Discover your area or a city nearby.

In Vienna (where I’m living right now) I sometimes just take the underground or the tram to go somewhere and then I have a walk there and discover a new part of the city.

There is so much to discover in a big city or in nature.

You can also get a new hobby but be cautious that you are not spending too much money which you have to earn first.

I heard from people who are taking a well-paying job, which they don’t like, just to be able to afford a hobby.

Isn’t that counterproductive? They work more to be able to afford a hobby, but then have less time for that hobby because of their job.

Why aren’t they making that hobby their profession? 
Then they are doing what they like and are getting paid for it.

Isn’t that a job everybody is dreaming of? 
You are going to get paid for doing what you like.

In this way, you like the job and you are doing your hobby every day, additionally, you’re getting paid for it and then you have time for your loved ones.

Expenses vs. Income

To be able to work less or rather work what you like, there is a basic principle you should apply.

The expenses should be less than the income.

Expenses < Income

Just reduce the fixed costs and the variable costs so that you don’t have to earn that much to be able to afford life.

Fixed costs could be:

  • mobile phone
  • Rent
  • Electricity and water
  • Internet
  • Netflix

Additionally, you can also save money by reducing variable costs by buying fewer clothes, and cosmetics,…

If you want to save more, you can go grocery shopping at a discounter and you can always look at special prices and compare them.

I’m not saving much money in that area because when it comes to food I’m paying more attention to quality and sustainability. I’m almost always buying organic or local products and I’m trying to avoid plastic.


You don’t have to work full-time to be able to afford a life.

You just have to set your priorities and control your expenses.

My priorities are my family and friends. And for that, I don’t need money.

One of my “rich life” priorities (based on Ramit Sethi’s guides) is sustainable best-quality groceries. For that, I’m willing to spend more money than on cosmetics or clothes.

What are your priorities?

In which area of your life could you minimize and spend less?

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