Only Give A F*ck For A Limited Amount Of Stuff

So many people care about everything.

They care about what other people are saying, what other people are wearing, what other people are thinking and what popular people are doing.

They care about everything. They give a f*** about everything.

So they get angry when somebody is saying something stupid. Like Donald Trump.


They care about…

They care about what famous people are saying, wearing, or thinking.

They care about what products are in right now.

They care about the weather.

They care about everything that is on the news.

They care about when some people are not nice.

But by caring about everything, the important things are getting less attention.


Everything we’re doing is because we want to be happy.

But by caring about getting happy, we don’t see that we already could be happy by being grateful and by appreciating what we already have.

By caring about the environment we let others make us angry or unhappy.

It’s ok to be angry about something but you should decide when you want to be angry and not when some person is saying stupid things.

But you should care about something. And you can decide about what.

Choose a limited amount of things or people which you care about. And sometimes you can care about something recent too.

But limit the amount.

Choose your values for your life and then care about them and nothing else.

I give a f*** and I care about my family and friends, love, sustainability, and honesty.

Now I don’t care about what Kim Kardashian is wearing or what she is doing. I don’t care about the latest fashion or Germany’s Next Topmodel.

I don’t give a f***.

And I don’t miss it.

And I don’t need it.

Care about the things you need and which are important in life!


We are often so busy talking or complaining about other people that we don’t see what’s more important than that.

Shift your focus to things you want to achieve in your life and to people you love.

We are losing so much time from our already short life by complaining and thinking about other people.

It happens to me too. I often catch myself complaining about stuff I can’t change. That’s a waste of time.

I can’t change it so I just need to accept that and move on.

I’m moving on to things I CAN change. Like not using any products with palm oil.


You can decide what you care about.

You can decide if you let yourself get controlled by others or by the environment.

So decide what you give a f*** about and then act according to it.


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