The Biggest Waste Of Time We Do

We all worry too much about everything.

About the past. About the future. About our family. About what other people think of us.

We spend so much time worrying about things that we don’t know, that we can’t change and that possibly won’t even happen.

So it’s a waste of time worrying about those things.

Worries can’t change anything.

Instead of worrying use this time to do something against those worries or start living your life.


You’re worried that travelling is dangerous?

The risk is really low and should try it before you even start worrying. The same dangerous things can happen in your hometown too.


You’re worried that you will be broke in the future or something bad happens and you don’t have the money for it?

You don’t know what will happen in the future. The probability of something bad happening could be as high as getting rich in the future.

Stop worrying now. You could start worrying when it’s happening, not now.

Now, you can enjoy your life. Your life right now is great, so don’t ruin it by worrying about the future.

Instead of worrying you could be happy right now.

Don’t you want to be happy?


Worries don’t get you anywhere.

Only doing stuff will get you where you want to be.

The things happening in the future or the things that already happend shouldn’t influence your life now, unless you choose to let them.

Don’t care about what other people could think of you! They don’t live your life. You do. It’s your life and should live it how you want.

They also don’t care what you’re doing because everybody is just focused on itself.

You should be pleasant with your life and you shouldn’t have regrets.


You should not worry and shouldn’t have any regrets.

Make each day your best day.


Life is too short to worry about stupid things. Have fun. Fall in love. Regret nothing and don’t let people bring you down.


This quote sums up the message I want to give to you in this post.


Have Fun

You will never be as young as today, so enjoy it. Enjoy your life every day.

Even though you have no time right now, or you have so much to do.

Then make those things you’re doing more fun.

Play games, talk and have fun with people in your lunch break.

Go out and have fun by talking about nonsense.

Do things that make you happy.


Fall in Love

It doesn’t matter if you’re in a relationship or not. Fall in love with your boyfriend or girlfriend again.

Fall in love with yourself by dressing up nicely or doing something you’re really good at.

Fall in love with the nature, summer, the sea, the night sky, animals, …

Love is such a powerful feeling. It can save lives.


Regret Nothing

At the end you can’t change anymore what you did in your past. Get over it.

At that moment in the past it was the right decision or thing to do.

So stop wasting time by not thinking about it anymore. It’s gone and your regret should go too.


Don’t Let People Bring You Down

We’re influenced by other people a lot. But you know that you can choose who can influence you.

The people you surround you with are a big source of energy and love. But the same happens when there are negative people in life, they suck in your energy and they influence you negative.

Then it’s your choice to shut down those people who bring you down.

I always had a problem going out and doing stuff alone. A lot of things I didn’t do because I couldn’t find anybody who wanted to join me. But now I’m doing it anyway, even though it means I’m doing it alone.

I don’t let them bring me down because I couldn’t find anybody who wants to join. I’m doing it anyway because I want to do it.

When you want to do something, don’t wait for anybody to join you. Just do it. You don’t need somebody to do something.



Stop wasting your time worrying about anything. It will fall into place anyway.

The universe (or god, whatever you believe in) has a plan for everybody and just trust in this energy source that no matter what you will find your way.

Stop worrying!

Start living!



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