The Power of Letting Go: Simplify and Get Your Dream Life

Letting Go for Success: Simplify Your Path to Achievement”

This week I was struggling with time management and prioritization. Suddenly a lot of things happened at the same time.

  • An event at my student organization
  • My birthday
  • Submissions at work
  • Submission at university

I was struggling because I have a lot of responsibility and usually everything is balanced but now everything came together at the same time.

In those times I have to remember that I have to let go of my own high standards, delegate if possible, and focus on the important things.

The song “Let it go” from Frozen is actually the perfect song to recap what I’m about to write:

Prioritize and Let Go

A lot of people say “I don’t have time”. This is wrong because everyone has the same amount of time each day.

The difference is your prioritization. Do you think Beyoncé is going shopping or spending her time thinking about what she wants to wear? No, because she prioritizes something else and delegates the rest.

You can delegate unimportant things too!

Figure out the important parts of your project, dream, or life and then delegate (or even delete) the rest.

If you know the 80/20 principle then you know that only 20% are important and you can delete or delegate the rest.

At the moment I’m prioritizing university and work, and I’m delegating the tasks in my student organization because I don’t have to do it personally.

Instead of telling your friends “I don’t have time” you say: “at the moment [fill in your priority] is my priority and we can meet another time”.

Be honest to yourself and to others! You have time! You just don’t prioritize properly!

“You always have time for the things you put first.”

— Unknown

Visualize Your Dream Life and Let Go

Your mindset and your subconscious are a huge influence on your daily tasks, thoughts, and mood.

By visualizing and writing down your dream life you will focus your brain on that and it will show you opportunities to get there.

I know this could sound like magic but it is actually true.

Of course, you cannot change life, other people, or external problems. But what you can change is your perception of it. And this is where your brain and your mindset join the game:

Everything you see, hear, smell, or taste gets interpreted by your brain. This means you can change how to perceive life. You never see the “real” life because your brain must first interpret what you are seeing, which happens based on your prior experiences.

You can use this to trick your brain into believing that you are already in your dream life. By visualizing vividly (including different senses) you trick your brain into believing that it is happening.

This will change your perception of the world and your mindset. You will see opportunities to achieve your dream life, you will become the person in your visualization.

You let go of your negative mindset, the people and things who don’t serve your future self.

“Visualization is the human being’s vehicle to the future — good, bad, or indifferent. It’s strictly in our control.”

— Earl Nightingale

Change Your Input and Let Go

Your daily life consists of thousands of input senses every day. You perceive everything you see, hear and smell.

Our life is busy:

  • We watch TV and the news.
  • We scroll through social media.
  • We see ads outside everywhere we go.
  • We listen to friends, colleagues and bosses.
  • We smell the food we are eating.
  • We hear the noises of electronic devices.
  • We hear the cars and emergency sirens.

Of course, people are stressed. There is too much input. Our brains cannot interpret and think properly at the same time. That’s the reason why I’m writing this in the morning when everything is quiet.

What I wrote before about prioritization is also important here. You have to decrease your input by prioritizing the one that helps you in life and to remove the negative one.

Becoming successful means having less input than output. What you are doing and working on is more important than how much news you are watching.

Life and the world goes on even if you don’t watch the news.

Don’t waste time getting negative input to your brain!


Letting go sounds like a breakup and sad. But it can actually be a relief. Life is noisy and by minimizing you can make it more clear, clean, and simple.

Some of your friends are negative and you spend a lot of time listening to their complaints? Let go! Life will be more simple and less stressful.

Always doing more, buying more and getting more is not the solution. It’s actually making you sick. Instead simplifying your life will set you free.

  • You will have more time.
  • You will have more space.
  • You will experience less stress.
  • You will live based on your dream life.
  • You will choose how to spend your time.
  • You will not get influenced by the media and marketing anymore.

Freedom comes from simplicity and having the ability to choose how to spend your time.

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(c) Karina Ahrer

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