Travel and Leave The Place A Little Bit Better Than Before

This week I’ve been to this place famous for hot air balloons. I love them!

Traveling is such a beautiful experience.

You realize how different humans are, and how strikingly similar we all are too. By talking with people and experiencing their culture you will experience the differences between you and them but also the similarities.

During my semester abroad in Ireland I found a lot of great friends from all around the world. From Mexico, France, Belgium, and Shanghai.

One example of extraordinary relations

I lived my whole life in Austria (Europe) and I watched movies and series from the US, where I saw that Mexico is a cheap but dangerous country. Everyone is always worried about going there, and at the border, there are crazy drug situations and cartels. But when I met my friends from Mexico my view changed and broaden.

They are living the same life as I do, with the same problems. Just a little more catholic than I grew up. Of course, the whole country has a higher criminality rate and they are more influenced by the US than we are, but we connected immediately and had a lot of fun at parties and talking all day long.

We love the same food. We listen to the same music. We experienced the same semester abroad and we love the same chocolate.

Leaving a mark

We want to leave our mark everywhere you go. It’s why I write online.

Writing leaves a trail of breadcrumbs.

The best way to move through this world is to leave each place, experience, or person better than you found it. It’s a life philosophy that will never steer you wrong.

Why? Because you will think differently about a situation if you want to leave it in a better way.

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.”
― St. Augustine

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