What My Top 3 Podcasts of 2023 Taught Me

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I love podcasts.

It’s my 2nd favorite way to learn and gain new perspectives after books.

Why do I love them? Because they are short and easy to listen to on my way to somewhere.

It usually takes me at least 20 minutes to get to an appointment or to meet friends, so I have time to listen to a short podcast.

They are small portions of information and contain as much valuable knowledge as an entire book.

Those 20 minutes motivate and inspire me to start working, writing or just thinking about my future.

So I want to share my favorite 3 podcasts of 2023 with you to share the inspiration and motivation they give me every time.


“The Mindset Mentor” by Rob Dial

The Mindset Mentor by Rob Dial

Rob Dials podcast is my top 1 for 2 years now and I can’t get enough.

He is mostly known for his podcast, but he is also a coach, speaker, and since this year a published author.

His small portions of 20-minute episodes make it easy to listen to on my way to work or university.

The main topic is mindset, one of the most important parts of success.

What Rob Dial does is make the topic part of everyday life, and he speaks with such motivation. You want to start immediately.

In every episode is some life lesson to think about, and his motivation is infectious.

I was part of his book launch this year, and people were saying that he saved their lives with his podcast.

I was moved.

His podcast is one small portion of positivity you can easily add to your everyday life.

If you prefer YouTube videos, you can also watch it there.

Here are the links (not paid promotion, just a personal recommendation):


“A growth mindset is one that says, I’m not where I want to be yet, but I know that I can get there.
A fixed mindset says, I will not be there ever because I am the way that I am.
Which one are you?”

— Rob Dial

“The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck Podcast” by Mark Manson

The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck Podcast by Mark Manson

It’s the latest project of the author from “The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck” and he doesn’t give a f*ck about producing a perfect podcast.

He is just talking with friends and business partners about life.

It’s very personal and I like that.

They don’t mind talking sh*t and having fun, but I know that kind of podcasts already exist, and I’m not a big fan of those.

What I like about Mark Mansons’ podcast is that you get so much valuable information and tips out of every episode that it’s not just friends talking.

You know the guests are really successful people, so it’s really interesting to hear personal stories from them.

There aren’t many episodes yet, so we will see where it goes but I’m sure it will get even better.

Here are the links (not paid promotion, just a personal recommendation):


“Don’t hope for better. Just be better. Be something better. Be more compassionate, more resilient, more humble, more disciplined”

— Mark Manson

“Powerhouse Women” by Lindsey Schwartz

Powerhouse Women by Lindsey Schwartz

I’m so glad I found this podcast and the community this year.
They are all amazing successful women and I was missing out on a great community.

Lindsey and her friends support each other a lot, and it’s now part of my vision and goal to find those kinds of friendships.

In the podcast, she talks about her business and story with friends and partners.

It’s inspiring.

And there are also new perspectives and topics I didn’t think about like building a community, planning an event,… It’s not just about mindset and Social Media, but also about one-person businesses.

All of the women are successful entrepreneurs in different industries, and they are all powerhouses and a motivation for my future.

They became role models for me, as I can see myself in them.

The podcast introduced me to new perspectives: other online business possibilities and creativity.

Here are the links (not paid promotion, just a personal recommendation):


“Entrepreneurship is just a personal development plan brilliantly disguised as a financial opportunity. The more you do the inner work, the more outward success you’ll achieve”

— Lindsey Schwartz, Powerhouse Women


There are so many great podcasts out there, and I can never listen to all of them.

But I love them as a short break from reading and thinking. They are small portions of inspiration and motivation.

Depending on my level in life I know my top podcasts will change.

Last year I listened a lot to a German finance podcast for women and beginners (Madame Moneypenny), and now I don’t need it anymore.

As we grow and improve our knowledge the podcasts will change too.

And that’s great!

I can’t wait to find new amazing podcasts!

Which podcasts are your top ones this year? I would really love to get recommendations!

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