Are You Paying the Ignorance Tax? A New Term Invented by Alex Hormozi

The Price of Not Investing in Yourself

Are you also reading all the time: the best investment is in yourself?

I wrote about that too. Now I’m probably adding another one but with a different angle. What I want to tell you about today is the ignorance tax.

Alex Hormozi is one of the best advertisers I ever saw.

But that’s a different story.

We all know what taxes are: a percentage we pay the government from our income or what we buy.

Ignorance tax is taxes we pay by ignoring the investment in ourselves and what knowledge we would have already gotten.

It’s the difference between the money you’re earning and what you could already be earning extra in the time it takes you to succeed.

How long does it take you to learn from your mistakes?

We often think: no we don’t have to invest in an online course or book to expand our knowledge, we can do it on our own and just learn by doing.

It takes more time. And in that extra time you needed you paid the ignorance taxes. You could have achieved your goal faster if you would have invested in yourself.

Last month I invested in my online business and myself by doing an online 30-day writing challenge with a course

What happened?

  • My following grew by more than 10%
  • In the end, I had a lot of writing ideas and
  • 30 data points to analyze

Without the course, it would have taken me months to increase the following and I would need more time to find topics to write about.

Let’s Focus on Not Losing Time and Money

Investing in yourself will get you the best return on investment, more than what you would get from stocks or bitcoins or whatever is trending at the moment.


Because you are motivated and engaged to achieve the goals, learn something new, and improve yourself.

Nobody can take that away from you. Your knowledge is what helps you grow and get faster to your goal.

I know that sometimes we are stubborn to think that we can do everything ourselves because we get that mindset from school. We have to do homework on our own, we have to do the exam without any help.

But help and other people’s knowledge will get you way faster to your goal in life than trying to make it on your own.

I know what I’m talking about because I’m still making that mistake and then I pay the ignorance tax.

“We don’t avoid learning new skills because we’re lazy. We avoid learning new skills because we’re afraid of sucking and we’re afraid of failing.”

— Alex Hormozi

Some say it’s time travel

Time traveling is something for science fiction.

However, I experienced real time travel myself after I invested in courses and books and applied it to my life.

You are changed after that. You learn from the mistakes of others. You sucked in the knowledge other creators learned in years in a few hours.

You skipped a few years of studying by investing in a course or book.

That’s how you can actually time travel.

Don’t Ignore the Ignorance Tax!

Don’t be like me and ignore it for years!

Don’t make excuses for not investing in yourself!

  • “I don’t have enough money”
  • “I don’t have time”
  • “I already invested so much into university, I don’t have any money left for more studying”
  • “I don’t want to study anymore”
  • “Reading is boring”
  • “I already know enough”

Not a lot of people are actually investing in themselves and in their growth after university. So you will be way ahead if you don’t stop learning.

Skip the frustration, stress, and energy drain of learning everything by yourself, start investing in courses and books, and soak in as much knowledge from others as possible.

One reminder at the end: take action and apply the things you learn, or else you waste your money and time!

“A focused fool can accomplish more than a distracted genius.”

— Alex Hormozi

How I was able to study, part-time work and lead a student organization at the same time and you can too:

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