Choose Your Own Pace of Life

I’m impatient. I want everything done immediately. I don’t like to wait.

But life taught me that things need time. I have to be patient. The right time will come.

What can I do while I wait? Take the next step.

The best things in life need time. And you just take the next step and the next at your pace.

The best things in life are coming from thinking long-term and from consistently doing one step after the other.

“Adopt the pace of nature: her secret is patience.”

— Ralph Waldo Emerson

Don’t Compare Your Pace With Someone Else’s

Everyone has their own pace of life. It’s as extraordinary as each person is.

You are exactly where you should be in life. Don’t compare yourself to someone else. Everyone has their own life and their own pace in life.

Just live in the moment and live your life at the pace which feels good to you. Make your decisions based on your feelings and what feels good.

If you compare yourself to someone else then you could make a wrong decision based on that comparison which will make you unhappy.

Trust yourself. Enjoy your life at your pace.

“Take life step by step, pace by pace, slowly slowly, and leave the competition to others.”

— Eddie Redmayne

Think Long-term

Making decisions based on long-term goals or plans will get you ahead in the future. Short-term satisfaction or happiness does not make you happy long-term. It will feel good for a short time and then you will find something else again to satisfy you.

You have to get rid of those urges and don’t make decisions based on them. These are usually based on our confused needs as a society because the marketing industry tells us we need some product to become happy.

Happiness and success don’t come from consuming products, it comes from within and from your consistent steps toward your goal and plans.

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