How A Bad Sleep Can Stop You

The last few days I slept really badly. I had strange dreams and I woke up in the middle of the night a few times.

I’m always trying to have a good sleep and to sleep my 8 hours.

I’m not really sure why I slept so badly the last few nights but what I know is that it takes your motivation, power, and health.

So I’m telling you why you need a good night’s sleep.


These are the things that don’t work when you don’t sleep enough:



Even though I’m not sick, I feel sick because I didn’t sleep. You feel sick or get a headache. I’m also always having a cold because my immune system is not working entirely. It also needs rest. You get sick more easily when you don’t rest enough.

The human body needs sleep, even though not everybody needs the same amount of sleep.

The brain is working better when it gets some rest during the night. If not, everything feels exhausting.



A few days ago I had a lot of motivation because I got an idea and I wanted to work on it as fast as possible. But since then I haven’t worked on it because my motivation is gone.

When you’re tired, all you can think about is lying down and resting. Even though you just woke up.



Normally I’m exercising every two days. But I was already so exhausted after a short day at University that I didn’t have the energy to do sports afterward. And because I don’t drink coffee or energy drinks, I just did less these days.



When you’re exhausted, you are more stressed and anxious. You are not in good mood and you probably will be letting it out at other people.

Just remember that there will be good days again. And it’s ok to be in a bad mood for once because after that you will appreciate the good mood and good moments more.




But everything is fine after you can have a good night’s sleep again.

Everybody is sick or tired once in a while. Not every day in life has to be perfect or full of energy.

Sometimes your body is just exhausted or sick.

The important thing to learn from those hard days is that this is the only body you have. Take care of your body because without it nothing else works.

Take care of your body so that you are able to achieve more in life. So that you’re able to enjoy more in life.


Everything in life has two sides. That’s just how it is with happiness and good feelings too. You need that other side too. You need it to appreciate the good side more.

If there wouldn’t any bad things or days, the good things will get normal, and boring, and wouldn’t appreciate them anymore.


I’m the kind of person that wants to be happy and in a good mood the whole time. But that’s not how life works.

The thing that matters is that you should appreciate and enjoy life, including all the ups and downs.

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