How It Feels Like To Be At The Beginning Of An Online Writing Career

Since August I’m writing regularly on Medium, tweeting every day, and sending out my newsletter once a week. I’m still at the beginning of my online writing career.

Since August I’m writing regularly on Medium, tweeting every day, and sending out my newsletter once a week. I’m still at the beginning of my online writing career.

I actually started writing in 2018 on Medium, and I stopped at some point because my studies took a lot of time and I didn’t see any results or income.

But this gave me an advantage now: I already have over 200 followers on Medium and there are already over 100 stories posted.

I’m still not earning much of an income. This month I get around 40 cents from Medium. I celebrated that because it’s my best month so far.

“If you want to be a writer, you must do two things above all others: read a lot and write a lot.”

— Stephen King



Nobody understands me

When I tell people that I write online and I don’t earn money with it (yet). They are confused, especially because they are not into those topics of personal development and self-improvement. It’s not for everyone.

I was afraid to publish it on LinkedIn, and I’m still not comfortable enough to post it on Instagram, because I’m afraid of what people might think.

So in real life, I don’t have anyone who understands me and the work I’m doing online. My family, my boyfriend, and my friends are not following me or subscribed to my newsletter. My sister is the only one who is on Twitter and she is ignoring my tweets.

So I’m not really talking about my online writing in real life. And that’s ok.

This is my thing, and I’m doing it for me. My first motivation was to earn a second income from writing online, and at some point, I hope that I can get as much as my regular job. But now it’s also kinda my therapy and repeating things I learned from books or workshops.

It helps me to grow and to become a better person.

My main goal in life and with my writing is to help people. Building a home for them or helping them improve.

“If you want to achieve your goals, help others achieve theirs.”

— Zig Zigler


My Learnings

I’m addicted to reading on Medium and Twitter, so I learned a lot already. But my experience in the last month taught me that I have to continue writing consistently and be patient.

I establish a habit to write 200 words a day in the morning after waking up. That’s the time I can have by myself without distractions, and without switching my phone on.

This time I’m not stopping to write. I will continue and will build a community and help people with my words.

I’m annoyed because it takes so long and I’m an impatient person, but it teaches me to think of long-term goals and accomplishments, and to not get what I want immediately.

I started in 2018. Wrote consistently. Then I stopped because I didn’t see an improvement and life came my way. The problem I see now is that I only wrote on Medium and nothing else. No Twitter, no newsletter, no digital assets…

I didn’t try to build a community. I’m still not comfortable commenting on Twitter or writing DMs. But that’s the reason why I’m not successful yet.

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.”

— Aristotle



I don’t like headlines. I don’t like thinking about them because I’m bad at it. Shortening my story into one sentence and also selling it is hard for me. Especially the selling part.

I’ve never learned how to sell things. I was never confident enough to sell myself. I know who am I and I know I know a lot that can help people, but selling is hard.

Those are the two things I have to work on: writing headlines and selling.

Additionally, I will find my community on Twitter and I will interact more.

Current numbers:

  • Medium: 108 stories, 228 followers
  • Twitter: 67 followers, writing daily
  • LinkedIn: 231 followers

Thanks for reading! 🙂

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