How Little Things Will Make Your Life Happier And More Enjoyable

Last week I wrote about complaining and thinking negatively.

Today I would like to write about how important it is to recognize and appreciate the small positive things in life. Because if we do, we will see that life isn’t as negative as we thought it is.


To be able to enjoy life and to be happy we have to recognize and appreciate the small things in life which we take for granted.

We take our partners, our families, and our friends for granted until they disappear from our life. But we should appreciate them until then because social interactions and emotions are the most important things in life.

Only when something terrible happens or when small things are disappearing from your life, do we recognize how good life was before.


One example from my life: I lived for a few months in Ireland and I experienced how important warm/hot water was in my life. There I had to wait 20 minutes for hot water and then there was just enough water for one normal shower. There I never used hot water for washing the dishes because it wasn’t worth it to turn on the hot water and it also was expensive.

Since then I’m appreciating a hot shower more than before because I now know what it means not to have hot water.


It’s just the same for doing little things for other people.

Because shared happiness doubles the happiness.

But it’s not important if you get something back or how big your gesture was. It’s important that you do something nice for somebody and that you remind him of the positive in life. For example, you can give your seat in the tram to an older lady, or you can buy your sister a hot punch at the Christmas market. Money or your reputation doesn’t matter because you should do it with compassion and you will be happier afterward.

I wanted to write about this topic because there is a website, where small things are listed which we should appreciate.

Almost every day a new small thing gets published and when you’re clicking through the site everybody will find a small thing that he experiences every day or has a good memory with it.

I’m not doing a paid advertisement or so here. I just like the website and I wanted to share it with you because it’s important to appreciate the small things and through that, you can experience more happiness in your life.

I’m also often forgetting to appreciate those things because there isn’t much time to live in everyday life. But just hold for a moment and click through the website instead of Facebook. It’s worth it.

Go through life more carefully! Appreciate also the small things!



Thanks for reading!

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