How To Save Time For More Important Things

Minimalism sounds like a really complicated thing to do. It sounds like you have go through all your stuff and throw it away.

But minimalism can be individually different for each person. It’s not about how much stuff you have left. It’s about how much stuff do you really need to be happy and the rest is just baggage you don’t need. And this amount of stuff differs for each person.

Some people love to read and to have real books standing it home, so they don’t throw them away.

Some people love shoes, so they keep their collection of shoes.


Minimalism is about enjoying the few stuff

Minimalism is about enjoying the few stuff you have left instead of accumulating so much that you can’t decide anymore and can’t enjoy it.

Instead of buying T-Shirts every month because you like to go shopping and you saw them and liked them, you should stop and think about your money again and what you would do with that money which you would enjoy more. Ice cream? Hot chocolate? Delicious fresh fruits or smoothie?

A big amount of T-Shirts in your closet will not make you happy, even though it maybe will make you unhappy because you can’t decide anymore and then you need more time in the morning to decide what to wear.

There is a thing called Project 333 which helps you to save time in the morning by shortening the things you need to decide for to wear. It’s about only wearing 33 items for 3 months and nothing more (excluding underwear and things you wear at home). I’m trying it out now for a few months and it really works. Maybe you have to wash clothes more often, but I’m saving a lot of time now in the morning getting dressed.

We have to make so many decisions the whole day, it’s a relief to make less decisions. Only use those 33 items and combine them.


Less is more. – Ludwig Mies van der Rohe


There are no rules for minimalism. Everyone makes their own ones. It’s just about having less stuff, so you can live a more relaxed life, with less decisions and time waste because of all the stuff you have.

It’s about what you want to have and what you want to enjoy, the rest is not important and should be set free.


We only have a limited amount of time in our life. We shouldn’t waste it on useless stuff we don’t need and enjoy.



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