Rihanna: From Selling Clothes On The Street To Being A Billionaire

Happy Rihanna Day! What you can learn from her

How many people can say that their home country has a day named after them? Not many. But Rihanna can.

Every 22nd of February it’s Rihanna day in Barbados named after their most successful, richest, and most famous inhabitant.

This is a different level of success. It’s not just “I’m a billionaire”. It’s “my home country named a day after me”-famous.

On this occasion, I would like to tell you about her success story and what you can learn from that.

The Short Story of An Extraordinary Woman

Rihanna was born in 1988 on the beautiful island of Barbados. She didn’t have an easy start in life.

  • Not born rich
  • Sold clothes in a stall on the street
  • Her father is an addict and abusing her mother
  • She suffered from headaches until she was 14
  • She didn’t graduate high school

At the age of 15, she formed a girl band with 2 classmates, and without any name or material, they auditioned for an American record producer.

And she got discovered and went to the USA to record a demo tape.

She became successful really fast with her first single and album but always reinvented herself, and was always successful with the new music genre.

Rihanna worked hard for a few years, releasing a lot of singles in a short period of time, winning awards, and going on tour.

In 2017 she launched her cosmetics company Fenty beauty, and I think this was a big and important milestone for her success.

“The minute you learn to love yourself you won’t want to be anyone else.”

— Rihanna

Consistent Output And Now Passive Income

For a few years, Rihanna published a lot of music hits which gave her the possibility to improve and start other adventures. She is still getting a lot of passive income from her music.

She consistently worked on her success and it got her to a point where she can pursue other ideas and opportunities. She continued improving and using her fame for launching her cosmetic company.

Rihanna diversified her income to not be dependent on income from her music. She has multiple successful companies in cosmetics, fashion, and in the music industry.

She used the momentum and her success to build a legacy. She made products for her fans and also for herself: a big range of skin colors was one of the big steps of her cosmetics campaign for which she got a lot of praise because she was one of the first ones in 2017.

The big steps Rihanna took to her success and you will too:

  • Working consistently on your success
  • Diversifying your income
  • Overcoming big obstacles but not giving up
  • Giving back to causes that are important to you
  • Not getting restricted by society’s rules
  • Believing in yourself

She overcame big obstacles like moving to the US at the age of 15, having negative people around her, and being restricted and underestimated by society.

She was seen as a sex symbol, but also as a role model. She was a young woman in a male dominating music world. She took advantage and made her own success.

She is a woman, she founded her own company, and now…

“It’s nice to look back on your life and see things as lessons, and not regrets.”

— Rihanna


She is publicly showing her baby bump, working hard for the half-time show of the Super Bowl while pregnant, and then openly showing it.

It takes courage to do that and I’m always amazed by her rule-breaking attitude.

She doesn’t give a lot of f*ck about what society tells a woman to do.

Be brave and rebel against society’s rules!

Some are totally outdated!

“You may never be good enough for everybody, but you will always be the best for somebody.”

— Rihanna

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