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Did you ever have this resistance in your stomach when you had to do something but you weren’t in the mood at all?

Did you ever have this resistance in your stomach when you had to do something but you weren’t in the mood at all?

I especially get this feeling when someone tells me to do something that doesn’t make sense at all or will take a long time and the outcome will probably not change anything.

But also when I need to write my 200 words a day I sometimes get this resistance that I’m not in the mood at all.

Most of the time I do it anyway because the cool thing about starting is that at some point you are motivated and afterward you are proud that you did something.

“Don’t let procrastination take over your life. Be brave and take risks. Your life is happening right now.”

— Roy Benett



Procrastination and no motivation

Procrastination comes from that kind of feeling of not wanting to do something. I don’t like that feeling, and I guess neither do you.

But some things have to get done, especially when you are working towards something that in the long run would be worth it.

That’s the thing: our feeling and our mind always want short-term success and reward. At that moment of resistance, it doesn’t think of the long-term goal and how much more you will get if you do this now and stick with this awkward feeling.

But then it is exactly what you have to do: go against that feeling, go through this awkwardness and do it anyway. You will be successful because you are one of the few who will do it.

To have the motivation to go through that suffering (of 5 minutes which is nothing) you need to have a good and meaningful life goal and purpose, or else you don’t know why you are doing it.

“You can’t build a long term future on short term thinking.”

— Billy Cox

Here are 5 questions that will help you find your purpose:

  • What would I like to change?
    Change in the world, change in your life, or change in your community.
  • Why am I not changing it?
    What are you afraid of? What is the problem?
  • What prevents me from changing it?
  • What exactly would you have to change to take the first step toward the change?
    Make a plan! How can you achieve that change?
  • What is the smallest first step you can take now to get to your goal?
    Is there something you can do today?

Having your life purpose, goal and values will help you get motivated again if you are stuck or procrastinating.

Say or think about your goal every day so that you don’t forget it. When making decisions keep your goal in mind and the long-term achievements you will get if you do the hard thing now.

We are making over 30 000 decisions every day. Most of them unconsciously. You can control those decisions by thinking about your goal and purpose every day so that your mind understands on which basis your unconsciousness should make decisions.

Be aware of those decisions like what to eat for breakfast. Is this food really helping me with my long-term plans? Change things that don’t feel huge but still will have a big impact if you do it consistently.

“Easy short-term choices lead to difficult long-term consequences meanwhile difficult short-term choices lead to easy long-term consequences.”

— Rory Vaden

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